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  1. This month : Yes, the model is wearing ballet heels, I'm going to try and get a better photograph of the publicity ads.
  2. Do you want to organise it then?
  5. While the area of devastation may be about the same size as the Great Britain, over 60 million people live in the British Isles. This way exceeds the number of people affected in the area of devastation so perhaps the comparison of providing disaster relief assistance to the entire UK simultaneously is somewhat over-stated. However I do appreciate that the delivery of assistance across such a wide area is a huge challenge and requires centralised communication and coordination.
  6. Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko
  7. I quite like these
  8. Here is an MPEG-2 codec that works with Windows Media Player
  9. clone
  10. A lot of accidents involve others and our reactions to others. It's a case of if someone was to pull out from a side road and you had to brake suddenly would you stop quicker if you were wearing very high heels or would it make no difference. Suppose that car pulling out was actually a child running into the road, would that make your answer any different? Or suppose it was you suddenly crossing the road, would you want to be wearing very high heels and/or would you be praying that the driver of the oncoming car was wearing very high heels? The only thing I would say here is that as a pedestrian you are taking a personal risk, you are very unlikely to cause injury to anybody else by going for a walk in high heels. As a car driver, it's like alcohol, drugs, smoking, mobile phones etc... if it's going to make you less effective at controlling the vehicule don't do it. And before anybody comments I'm not trying to say that driving in very high heels is comparable to drink driving etc ...
  11. I think you mean Dior. Try here
  12. That must be the understatement of 2004