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  1. Personal question for Men who wear heels

    Haven't been here for awhile, but the answer to the question that fits me, and possibly many of the others here, is that I consider myself to be a male lesbian. If you google the term, and read the first few answers, including the one by a psychologist, you will find it implies a (possibly) fairly shy individual who may or may not partially crossdress, that is ambivalent towards his gender, who craves the company of women more than men--not just sexually but socially. And who, if he hypothetically were to undergo SRS, he (now a she) would STILL prefer women, sexually and socially. Its not a foreign concept at all. And I didn't even mention Eddie Izzard!
  2. feet reshaped by high heels

    I think there is a genetic component--a weakness in the ligaments perhaps. My mother had severely misshapen feet caused by excessive pointed toe high heel wear (required by her job as a schoolteacher--of course, the MALE teachers were allowed to wear low-heeled shoes, but the women were written up and eventually fired if they did such despicable behavior). I have big and little toe bunions, and 2 hammer toes. Most of my life I wore "sensible shoes", but during my early teens, I wore Beatle Boots and an earlier version called Spanish Boots--that might have something to do with it too, but I think that I had a genetic predisposition to develop foot problems. I was born, apparently, with flat feet, for example, according to a Podiatrist I consulted after laming myself temporarily in ROTC while running in non-running shoes with no arch support.
  3. Polished toes

    Bright frosted dark blue, for me. Tried it about 6 months ago. Love the color--occasionally wear it topside as well.
  4. You might want to try Delias.com as well. Their jeans fit even better than Alloy, but they stop at 19/20. Also have inseams to 36 or 37 inches.
  5. Hoop earrings on men?

    Got both ears pierced in December. I have wanted to get them pierced ever since 8th grade (~1966), but refrained until now, because the only types of earings that ever appealed to me were girly dangly ones with "french loops", and thin wire hoops. I finally said to myself "What the hell--I'm not getting any younger--and if the people I know don't like it--that's their problem!." I wear blue topaz studs to work, and whatever I feel like when and/or where I darn well please. I don't have a "girl mode", I still don't have any use for dresses or skirts, and I still wear mostly girls' shirts and hip-hugger pants--at work as well.
  6. Greets, Laurie. I haven't been around for awhile either. Just stopped by to see if I could link the comments of a certain member to another forum (femalefirst.co.uk to be exact) and low and behold, he's apparently been banned!
  7. The Male Lesbian and the Fashion Freestyler

    that is so autobiographical. Thanks kneehighs, and dr1819 as well.
  8. Most annoying phrases!!!

    ask my question, and get off the air.
  9. Most annoying phrases!!!

    9 times out of 10, when someone calls a national talk show host, they waste their time, the listeners' time and the host's time by inanely asking "How are you doing?", to which the host must reply in order to be polite. It REALLY frosts me!!
  10. Levi Jeans Sizes

    A detailed examination of male and female size charts will reveal that men's "waist" measurements average about 4" to 6" smaller than their hip measurement. A size 36 "waist" will be sized for a hip of about 41-42". On the other hand, women's waists are assumed to be 8-1/2 to 11" smaller than their hip measurement. With truly hip-hugger jeans, this doesn't represent much of a problem for a guy wanting to wear women's jeans--for the chart in question, just order by your hip measurement and don't worry about the fact that your waist isn't anywhere near as small as the indicated size (assuming, of course, that 525's are, truly, hip-hugger, e.g. made to ride at least 3-1/2" below the waist). High waisted jeans, on the other hand, will require the guy to wear a corset! Using your example, 36/34 men's jeans would be aproximately women's size 31/34. The men's hip measurement of ~41" is almost an exact match for the women's hip measurement of 104 cm. If 525's have any lycra in the denim, you can probably get away with at least one size smaller than that. If you like them to fit like a glove, that is!
  11. Kinky Boots

    Yeah I'm still here ocasionally. Thanks.
  12. Kinky Boots

    I converted the DVD to XVID .avi format, ~350MB or so, using Gordian Knot, a few weeks back. Well worth seeing, didn't seem so good the first time I watched it, but it grows on you!
  13. me: summer clothes-challenged

    If she wants to fade into the background as much as possible, I think she should concentrate on non-descript colors such as beige or loden green, at least from the waist up, and not necessarily loose, but non-stiff fabrics below, e.g. without "drape", e.g. the antithesis of denim, e.g. draping qualities similar to gauze. least-noticable to dirty old (and young) men.
  14. Not much new info, if any, possibility of a "shoe-fanatic- zone or S-F-Z" gene mentioned, anyway, was fun to read. http://www.ediets.com/news/printArticle.cfm?cid=1&cmi=2081366
  15. Movies and Heels

    Been a while since I last watched it but the story is more emotional as a "chick flick" than a visual heeling flick for men. I converted the DVD into avi format using the XVID codec and Gordian Knot (either Manual or Automated)--about 400 MB--to store and play on my computer. You could do the same, renting it from Netflix.