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Hi from the UK

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I am an enjoyer of wearing heels and have been since my teens, I am in my mid 30's now and still get the occasional joy out of wearing them. My heel enjoying activities are by and large a closeted at home activity only, though I have on only one occassion worn a pair of those ever so popular JuJu jelly block heels out and about for a walk with shoe covers over them late at night so no one would even know that I was wearing them (a lot of fun).

My favorite heels are wedges and shoes made of exotic materials like rubber, PVC, latex etc. I really enjoy the sensory nature of those more exotic materials. I also really enjoy strappy sandals and wedges made with cork as the base and lastly shiny platform boots are a must.

For me, shoes made with more exotic materials sensory thing and heels are just very comfortable. Such a nice way to spend a relaxing evening or weekend.

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