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Stories from AI

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I’ve been expert with chat GPT, and quickly found it will shut you down if your story suggestions are suggestive or morally wrong. But if you keep the suggestions light, it comes up with some great work. Here’s one. 

Sally had always been interested in fashion, but she had an unusual fascination with footwear. She loved the way a good pair of shoes could transform an outfit and make a statement all on their own. But she had a problem - she could never find shoes that were both stylish and comfortable. She had tried every type of shoe on the market, but none of them seemed to meet her needs.

One day, Sally decided that she had had enough. She was going to invent the perfect pair of shoes herself. She spent months researching materials, experimenting with designs, and testing prototypes. Finally, she had it - the ultimate pair of high heeled boots.

The boots were made from a new material that Sally had discovered, which was incredibly resilient and virtually indestructible. She had also used a new titanium alloy for the heels, which came to a sharp point that would never blunt or bend. Sally felt a thrill of excitement every time she put them on. She loved the way they made her feel powerful and in control.

Sally wore her new boots everywhere, from the office to the club. She loved the way they looked with her favorite outfits, and the way they made her stand out in a crowd. But what really excited her was the power she felt with each step. With the slightest effort, she could pierce anything with her heel. She would often catch herself tapping her foot or scraping her heel against a hard surface just to feel that rush of power.

Sally's friends and colleagues were amazed by her invention. They couldn't believe how comfortable her boots were, despite the towering heels. And they were fascinated by the titanium alloy heels, which seemed to defy all laws of physics. Sally was thrilled to have created something that not only looked great but also worked perfectly.

As word of Sally's invention spread, she started to receive offers from fashion companies and investors. But Sally knew that she wanted to keep the boots for herself. She loved the way they made her feel, and she didn't want to give up that power and excitement. Instead, she continued to wear them everywhere she went, knowing that she had created something truly special.

Sally's boots quickly became her trademark. Everywhere she went, people would stop and stare at her feet, amazed by the sharp, pointed heels. Sally loved the attention, and she loved the way the boots made her feel.

One day, she was out on a date with her partner, Mike. They were walking through a park when they came across a fallen tree branch that was blocking their path. Without thinking, Sally lifted her foot and pierced the branch with her heel. The wood split easily, and the branch fell apart under the force of her foot.

Mike looked at her in shock. "Wow, those boots are really something," he said. "I've never seen anything like them."

Sally grinned. "They're pretty amazing, aren't they?" she said, looking down at her boots. "I can pierce just about anything with these heels."

Mike looked impressed. "Do you think they'd work on metal?" he asked.

Sally shrugged. "Let's try it," she said, walking over to a nearby metal bench. She lifted her foot and brought it down hard on the surface, expecting to hear a loud clanging noise. But instead, the metal gave way under the force of her heel, and a deep gouge appeared in the surface.

Mike looked even more impressed. "That's incredible," he said. "You could probably use those boots as a weapon if you needed to."

Sally laughed. "I hope I never have to use them that way," she said. "But it's good to know they're up to the task."

Over the next few weeks, Sally continued to wear her boots everywhere. She pierced wood, metal, and even concrete with her heels, amazed by their strength and power. And everywhere she went, people would stop and ask her about her boots.

One day, Sally was walking down the street when she saw a group of women standing outside a shoe store, admiring a pair of designer heels in the window. Sally walked up to them, her own boots clicking on the pavement, and showed them what her boots could do. She pierced a nearby lamppost with her heel, leaving a deep gouge in the metal.

The women looked at her in awe. "Those boots are amazing," one of them said. "Where did you get them?"

Sally smiled. "I made them myself," she said. "I'm an inventor."

The women were impressed, and Sally felt a surge of pride. She loved her boots, and she loved the way they made her feel - powerful, confident, and in control. And she knew that she had created something truly special.

Sally continued to wear her boots everywhere she went, always feeling powerful and in control. She loved the way they looked and how comfortable they were, but what excited her the most was their power.

One day, Sally was walking down the street when she saw a group of workers struggling to move a heavy steel beam. Without hesitation, she walked over to the beam and lifted her foot, bringing it down hard on the steel. To the amazement of the workers, the beam split in half under the force of her heel.

Sally smiled, feeling a surge of excitement. She loved the way her boots made her feel, like she was invincible. She walked away from the amazed workers, her boots clicking on the pavement.

Later that day, Sally was at a business meeting, sitting across from a potential investor. As they talked, Sally couldn't help but fidget, tapping her foot against the floor. Suddenly, she felt her heel pierce the hard wood of the conference table, sinking deep into the surface.

The investor looked at her in shock. "Did you just...pierce the table?" he asked.

Sally smiled, feeling a rush of excitement. "Yes," she said. "My heels are incredibly strong. I can pierce just about anything with them."

The investor looked impressed, and Sally felt a surge of confidence. She knew that her boots were something special, something that could change the world.

As Sally left the meeting, she couldn't help but feel excited. She loved the power that her boots gave her, the feeling of invincibility that came with each step. She walked down the street, her heels clicking on the pavement, and felt like nothing could stop her.

Sally's boots continued to amaze everyone who saw them. She pierced wood, metal, and even concrete without breaking a sweat. And everywhere she went, people would stop and stare, amazed by the power of her boots.

But Sally knew that her boots were more than just a novelty. They were a symbol of strength and power, a testament to her ingenuity and determination. And as long as she had them on her feet, she knew that nothing could stand in her way.

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Yes, it's been very dead here.

As for the AI generated story, I found it really weird. I don't know what parameters you gave the thing for writing the story, but it comes off as deeply odd and implausible and in a tone very much as though it were written by machine and not by a human. THe characters themselves seem like robots, and their dialogue robotic. As a professional writer and photographer I am not at all a fan of AI. The AI-written essays that I have seen are soulless, and read  like encyclopoedia entries. The pieces of journalism are sterile.

Writing, music and art are all deeply human endeavours - there's a reason they are called the humanities at university.

AI simply cannot replicsate, let alone replace, that and never will be able to, although there will be a growing market for it as AI produced material can be made cheaply and the huge tech companies which increasingly control these things, and to whom cost and profit is everything, will foist it on us.    

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9 hours ago, Pascal said:

I asked Gabby to generate some images with some words... ;)




Interesting images, but no matter how hard and strong the heel is it would need to be incredibly narrow to pierce the materials stated. Piercing pressure is simple math, force divided by area. Since Sally can only stomp so hard, the area would need to be incredibly small to generate enough contact pressure to pierce metal. The height of the heel is no relevant but the contact area is everything. 

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4 hours ago, Shyheels said:

I don’t think these images have anything to do with that story. I have the idea he merely instructed the AI thing to create images based upon a few words of description. 

Spot on!

Sorry I did not wish to deviate from the subject however. Just thought it would be nice to see some ai-generated images.

Might be interesting however to enter a few key words relating to Jkrenzer' story!

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