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Where do you guys buy shoes in Canada?


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As the title says, where do you guys buy shoes in Canada? I try the usual suspects, Spring, Aldo, Le Chateau. Outside of that, I'm not familiar with places, or online stores. Any tips? Size 11 (women's) is usually good for me. Looking for proper street-wear stuff, not pron shoes... Thanks.

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In the Toronto area I have shopped at Ardene. Their clearance stores can be 70% off. Prices are good but quality isn’t the greatest. I’ve bought ballet flats, block heel mules and strappy heeled sandals. Their size 10 is very tight in anything closed toe. The smaller mall stores don’t have much selection. Hope this helps. 

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Off topic I know, but I heard Chase is forgiving all Amazon Rewards and Marriott credit card debt.  They want to exit Canada.

Could've bought a lot of Louboutins or Manolos with that forgiven debt!

Feminine Style .  Masculine Soul.  Skin In The Game.

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