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  1. In the Toronto area I have shopped at Ardene. Their clearance stores can be 70% off. Prices are good but quality isn’t the greatest. I’ve bought ballet flats, block heel mules and strappy heeled sandals. Their size 10 is very tight in anything closed toe. The smaller mall stores don’t have much selection. Hope this helps.
  2. I was walking through a mall in Toronto and passed an upscale shoe store that was going out of business and everything was on sale. I spotted these Vince Camuto sandals, regular price, $168.00 Canadian. It was the last day and they were on sale for........$19.95 Canadian. Had to have them. Other than trying them on, I haven't had a chance to wear the m yet but will be able to in a few days. Just being in the right place at the right time.
  3. Never liked wedges until last summer. Now I'm going to buy a pair at Payless, probably next week. Just can't decide which colour. I've tried them on and they seem very comfortable to walk in even with the very narrow heel.
  4. Take heart Buffalo (Toronto) Bills fans. The Leafs made the playoffs for the first time in 9 years and it was 1967 we last had a Stanley Cup parade in town. Toronto is an NFL town but I don't think there is any fear the Bills will move here, no matter what condition they are in. Sounds like a good move this week moving Buddy out. This has nothing to do with buying new shoes so we should get back on topic. I apologize.
  5. You never know. Right now it's plain black pumps in public but with the hot weather, I might get bold enough. I've always liked this style of sandal with the ankle strap and the thicker strap is really to my liking.
  6. Back on April 29 I commented on the strappy sandals Bundy999 was wearing. I had seen similar in February at Payless in Florida, tried them on in 2 stores, but nothing showed on the web until this week. They are not in the stores in Canada yet, but as soon as they are, I'm buying. $29.99 in the US, probably $44.99 in Canada but that's ok as long as I get them.
  7. I was in Florida back in February and Payless had a pair of Brash heeled sandals very similar to the pair Bundy is wearing. I tried them on and wanted them but because I was travelling with my wife, who disapproves, and crossing the border into Canada (never know when they will pull the car apart) I had to wait. Unfortunately I haven't seen them in Canada, New York state or the web site. At $29.99 I figured it was a good deal. BTW, they both look great on you Bundy999.
  8. Way back on April 11, I posted pictures of thong sandals I was considering purchasing from Marshalls. I did buy them and loved them, especially the height. But the piece between the toes didn't line up well and caused discomfort so back they went. I have had many pairs of women's thong sandals over the years and this was the first pair that just didn't fit well. Too bad. I'm getting very confident (or cheeky). When the girl said, "Didn't she like them?" I replied, " Actually they were for me and they just didn't fit well." She said, "Oh too bad" and gave me my money back.
  9. Pumpcat. Please post where you go in Toronto. It would be nice to let other heelers in town know where you have been without a problem of any kind. For me, if you have broken the ice in a particular Starbucks, I'll be sure to visit. Thanks. Kris
  10. Hey Pumpcat. Which mall in Toronto did you visit? Which Starbucks? I always have the feeling Sherway Gardens would be the best mall to strut your stuff. It's a little upscale and not too many teenagers hang out there.
  11. Hello everyone. I haven't bought these yet. I need your opinion. I've found these sandals in Marshalls. They are $39.99. I like them but I value other opinions. I have typical male feet, and don't plan to try to make them look otherwise. The heel is about 4 inches which won't be a problem for me. The photo might not show the colour well. They are a caramel colour. I've always like the thong style and of course the heel is perfect for those liking heels. Do I go for it?
  12. Nice look Heelsthisguy. I saw those shoes in Target yesterday and really like them. I don't think I'm up to wearing the pastel colours yet. Basic black or white so far.
  13. Here is a follow up to my March 16 post. The pictures are of the boots I wore into the store when I returned to buy the skirt, also in the pictures. Hope you approve.
  14. I was out on a sales call this morning and in no rush to get back to the office. I saw a Payless and thought I'd stop in to try on the beige Kosmic platform pumps I want this spring. The manager was great. Here's roughly how it went.... Mgr: Good morning, can I help? Me: Just looking. Mgr: Is there anything in particular? Me: I'll know when I see it. (Trying to avoid saying that I was there to look at ladies heels) I always go to the men's aisle and it leads to the end of the ladies large sizes. Trying not to be too obvious. As I turn down the ladies aisle, she says. Mgr: We have lots of styles in wide widths and the platforms are very popular. She was a mind reader. I saw the pumps, asked if I could try them on, she said no problem, and walked away. I tried them on, walked around for several minutes and decided I would buy them, but not today. Mgr: How were they. Me: Great I'll be back. Here was my chance for a conversation. Me: Do you get many men buying women's shoes? Mgr: Yes. I work in 2 other stores and many men come in and buy. I could tell as soon as you went down the aisle that that was what you were here for. Those platforms are very comfortable and many men have bought them. Men who come in during the early morning are usually shopping for women's shoes. Me: Thank you, you have made this very comfortable and I appreciate it. Mgr: Come in any time. Off I went feeling very good and I will be back to buy those platform pumps. Inquisitor paid $11.00. They are On Sale in Canada for $39.00 plus 13% tax!!!
  15. Those of us in Canada do not consider the French from Quebec to be Canadians. After all, they want their own country. Ever since they were defeated on the Plains of Abraham all those years ago, they feel the English owe them something and even today expect Ottawa to continue financing them as we do now, even when they leave Canada. When travelling in Quebec, I have not been served meals in restaurants because I did not speak French. I often ask if they accept Canadian money. If you can't read French, don't go to Quebec. Signage is by law in French everywhere. As for the hockey, yes the prim and proper Toronto fans are generally good sports. As for me, I cheer for 2 teams. I cheer for the Maple Leafs and I cheer for who ever is playing Ottawa. (You guys in NY, substitute Rangers, Bruins, Devils, Sabres, and/or Islanders here) A couple of years ago, there was a HHP member who went to Leaf games in heels. Great stories. Sorry, there isn't much about heels here but if these guys were insulting you because of your attire, they must have a field day in Montreal. Go Leafs Go!
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