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Target - Gender neutral product arrangement


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I stumbled across the fact that Target has been going gender neutral for their arrangements of children’s bedding, toys, and now even clothes, and they have left the door open to remove gender labels from other clothing sections as well.  I didn’t even know this when I was at Target the other night browsing the women’s shoe section looking at heels, and I wondered a little what the women stocking the section were thinking of my presence there.  Now that I know that Target, as a corporation, is trying to be progressive on gender neutral fashion, maybe I will quit worrying and just shop lol.  

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As a matter of store policy the Dayton Hudson Corporation which is the parent of Target and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota has had a more tolerant policy toward gender neutrality for a number of years. This has extended to the bathrooms and changing areas. I have tried on and bought the "Mossimo" brand at Target several times and been seen by store employees and shoppers alike. Never an issue or problem. Act like you belong to the environment you are in. Like the late great Vince Lombardi said, "When you get into the end zone act you've been there before." HappyinHeels

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