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    Vintage shoes- opened toes, backless high heels- Springolators

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  1. If I am the person you are trying to reach , ya got me . Just send me a pm back .

  2. Springolator

    High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

    Thank you. How do I get in touch with you ?
  3. Springolator

    High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

  4. Any comments from others about the high heel Mules, Springolators ?
  5. Springolator

    Fredericks Catalogue - 5In Heels 1960's

    Thanks for the Federick's catalog. Those five inch heels, narrow, opened toes, backless are so sexy. Wish they would bring them back once again.
  6. Does anyone still remember the opened toe, backless high heels back in the 50s and 60s and perhaps in the 70s?
  7. Springolator

    Fredericks Catalogue - 5In Heels 1960's

    Nice five inch heels. How many folks do remember those good old days ?
  8. Springolator


    What ever happened to the old posting of Vintage - springolators ?
  9. Springolator

    Does anyone, know or remembers "Spring o laters"

    Anyone remembering the good old days where ladies wore those five inch, opened toes, backless shoes? They were called Springolators. Thanks.
  10. Springolator

    Vintage- Going back to the 1960s and 1970s

    Thanks for your reply. You are young. You probably haven't seen those type of shoes worn in your area. Am I correct ? Thanks again.
  11. Does anyone have fond memories from these back in the good old days ? For those of you who were too young to remember, what do you think of this type of style ? I would like to hear your feedback. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Would like to make friends with males/ females who used to adore those high heels, opened toes, backless shoes called- Springolators. These were worn back in the late 50s, 60s, and some in the early 70s. Love to share stories, interests, and what a big turn on these shoes were. Thanks, Frank
  13. Springolator


    wow- what interesting story. Would like to chat with you on our similiar interests of Springolators. Wow, thanks, frank
  14. Has anyone watched an old television program with women wearing those high heels, opened toes, backless shoes- Springolators ? Thanks.
  15. Hi Spring, I came across your request for info about springolators. I did see a pair a while back at Goodwill. I often wear a mule and year round as I am in a warm climate and have several slides - a pump with no back or sling. This was slightly open toe and with about a 4" chunky heel. I am usually size 8US and it was a ten but it seriously stirred up my curiousity especially because I have never worn a springolator and am able to wear only one shoe and use crutches. Even though larger than my size it felt good and was an easy walk. I was very surprised at how it clung to my foot as I walked in it. I almost wish that I had purchased the pair and held them for anyone possibly here that could use them. I would love to hear about your expidition into springolators and if you found and wear any. E


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