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KneeBooted's Adventures?

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On 11/17/2020 at 6:33 AM, KneeBooted said:

I realize that I’ll need to redact some of it to stay in line with recent enforcements.

I have removed a "few" of your posts that were clearly just about womens clothing and nothing else, but these are not recent rules and are nothing new, but simply as you have correctly pointed out, recent moderations. People do veer off topic, some more than others, and naturally, it should be 100% expected that clothing is a part of footwear choice, that much should hopefully be obvious, but when things turn to "I'm all about femme clothing/items/makeup" etc and nothing else, then things have gone way off the rails.

Funny because there is also a similar train of thought for most partners too, you start with the heels, then what... Skirts, makeup, next thing you know he'll want a sex change, and threads that go way off the rails like that are kind of a re-enforcement of a partners worries too.

So when sharing content, its not just the overall community topic you should be mindful of but "What if somebody elses partner was to read this, would it look like a gradual migration into all things femme that would cause them concern"? Thats why JeffB's thread is still awaiting moderation. Lack of time and lack of admins.

@Kneehighs thread and posts are 100% everything this place is about and should be... (Minus the politics 🤣)

All about the footwear, and the fashion, and getting out enjoying yourself with it.

Heels for Men // Legwear Fashion // HHPlace Guidelines

If something doesn't look right, please report the content ASAP!

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