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Which Gel Insert?


alphax    54

What's everyone's experiences with the various gel inserts for high heels?

I wind up buying the cheapest kind with a rubbery surface to stop the insert and my foot from slipping.

The fancier ones that feel smooth and have a skin I would think would be too slippery and they also feel thinner than the ones I buy.

I also see the inserts that are full length with arch support, but those also look a bit thin in the ball of foot area.

Online, I see there are pads that have toe loops to keep the pad in place in relation to the foot.

So which inserts do you personally like and why do you prefer those over others you've tried?

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Cali    401

I get the Gel Instep Cushions from Aldo shoes for about $7 a set. I got 2 sets last week.

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