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ankle sprained not healed correctly


Hi folks,

I had a few problems with my right ankle. After doing some exams, the doc says this comes from a sprain that went unnoticed 10 years ago (at the time it only hurt a few hours and did no swell so I did not suspect something too serious).

Now I happen to have everything they say will happen if you don't correctly heal a sprained ankle :

"If you don't complete rehabilitation, you could suffer chronic pain, instability and arthritis in your ankle. If your ankle still hurts, it could mean that the sprained ligament has not healed right, or that some other injury also happened."

Problem is : What to do now ?

Would you have an idea ? Surgeon is not very supportive.


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Thank you for your answers.

I saw two different osteopath doctor (european style) in two weeks. I assume I benefitted from both.  The pain vanished but I still walk funny because I fear something is going to be displaced again. They said as the surgeon : grow muscles and it will keep it in place.

That is easiest to say than to do : I need to reach the training place before it falls in a bad position again .... each step is daunting

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