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Ad-Blocking Is Killing Hhplace

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I've been using Adblock Plus so long, I didn't even realize this website had ads!


Maybe you should have a banner message up top asking visitors to add an exception to their ad blockers.

You shouldn't ask people to completely disable their filters, that just feels sleazy. 


In the case of AdBlock Plus, adding a custom filter with the line:


re-enables ads on this website.


Note:  The "www." is important.

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alphax, you're replying to a pretty old thread, and the real issue behind it actually turned out to be due to something entirely different (a malware hijack in the website software was secretly siphoning advertising money away from the website).


I would request this thread be locked, and should really be deleted to be honest, since it was pretty much inaccurate from the start, and everyone keeps replying to that specific aspect of it.

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