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  1. Right on, but sometimes they are a bit easier with heels, if those are shoes with a very hard bottom. When the bottom is relatively soft, be it male or female shoes, the cobblestones always hurt my feet. The only exceptions are some 2-3 inch block heels I have with a very hard sole. Y.
  2. The career I am talking about is that here many members of parliament quit after about 10 years and then get a whole string of fat paying jobs as advisors, members of the board or whatever with big companies. Y.
  3. You are right. Remarks like that are 'below the belt'. They show a total absence of civilization. Talking about witty remarks, I like the one by Disraeli: "Mr Speaker, I withdraw my statement that half the cabinet are asses - half the cabinet are not asses." Y.
  4. Well, the point is that we need to be represented, because not everybody can spend their whole day on issues to deal will governing the country. The problem starts with when these representatives become professional. They study for it and it is the (only?) thing they can do. At thay point they HAVE to be elected and they will do anything to get elected. Hence they behave as if they are very gallant, honest etc. And they promise us paradise. The one who can do so most convincing wins. Looking very elegant is of course essential. Unfortunately the ones who really are gallant do not last long. Once they make a serious error (and who does not once in a while) they are honest and step down. In the past this would still work reasonably well, even though there were bad scandals. But with the current level of investigative reporting and the near impossibility of really censoring things, the imago of politicians, bankers etc. is probably at an all time low. The few honest politicians are usually in the smaller parties that do not have much power. But whether that is because they really are honest, or just because they can afford to be honest, remains an open question. My personal preference would be to have people as representatives at the end of a regular career, when they have picked up much experience and should not look for jobs afterward. Politicians that see membership of parliament or being minister as part of building up a career are always suspect. If they do something that acts against certain interests they may kiss that career goodbye. Y.
  5. It would be nice to hear from Tech, whether the remarks about stealing the ad revenue have had any effect. Y.
  6. hhboots: Please be assured that not only the mods are appreciating your work. I also run a little (technical) forum, but without ads (it is paid for by my employer), but I am interested in how I would recognize this virus or Trojan horse or whatever it should be called. I would not like to pass it on to somebody else. Does it involve someone to break into the message board host? Or is it something you pick up with other software? Y.
  7. I am not sure I understand it completely. On which computer does this happen? On the one of Tech? Our computers? Or at Google? But no matter what, shouldn't Google do something about this, or at least send warnings around? This sounds to me like outright stealing and because money transfers are involved, it should be possible to track it to somewhere. Y.
  8. My attitude would be not to decide your career on the basis of heel wearing. The proper order is: 1: look for a good job with a friendly and liberal working environment. 2: make people appreciate you. 3: after that, see what you can do w.r.t. clothes. Putting point three at the top is a recipe for finding at best marginal jobs. Either that or you would have to be extremely lucky. OK, just my opinion Y.
  9. It is considered a market strategy to call something mans wear to sell it to women. How much would you sell if you call something woman's wear while you put it in the mans department? Y.
  10. Right. But the majority of computers is not used that way. I can be perfectly happy developing my own software and working with it. I do not need the internet for most of the things I do. But that is nowadays not the rule. The name computer comes from computing, but that is what few computers do. The cloud is a good example of something that would be out. Takes out a very large fraction of the Apple users. Knowing our politicians, it will probably take a real disaster before they even think about proper measures. Y.
  11. This is the first explanation I hear that makes sense. Y.
  12. To me it looks all like practicing for world war 3, which will be fought in Cyberspace. Probably the majority of state sponsored 'viruses' will only become active when the **** hits the fan. Anyway, the first thing to go down will be the whole of internet, so most computers will become utterly useless. On topic: I was already feeling that I was becoming overdue with a donation. I like the place to the extend that I do not mind paying some real money. I actually did once when that was still possible. I prefer an occasional donation over the ad's. As I become older, I dislike things that distract my attention more and more. I hope this is some incentive for Tech...... Y.
  13. This may have been the case in the beginning. Nowadays, with people banking/buying and whatever by internet there are enough honesty-challenged people that try to get into your computer. I was told that at one of the Chinese universities they have a whole department for breaking into western computers. Then there are the people who try to enslave enough computers to mount Ddos attacks at companies to extort money from them. These have nothing to do with companies making anti-virus stuff. And then there are always those who want to show they are the smartest person in the world by making a virus that gets through everything. There are many of those. Y.
  14. I have had big problems in the past with adds messing up my viewer, and lots of popup windows. I did unblock hhplace just now. Let us see what comes up. Y.
  15. Hi would say: "take the ones that your feet are most comfortable with". Just imagine that after three hours your feet start hurting and still so many hours to go..... Taking off boots at security is not as big a hassle as you might think unless they are riding boots and have no zipper. The security people have seen more. Just don't give them any other reasons to pick on you. Nowadays I always wear boots when travelling, because they would add most weight to my luggage. Never had any problem. Of course the heels are not very high, because having to walk a lot in airports and so on, makes me prefer the comfort and in anything over 3 inches I am not very comfortable for a whole day. A few hours, fine... 3 inches I can handle the whole day. Y.
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