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Hi Everybody. We are about to give the galleries a bit of a spring clean. any problems with this, please either report this post or PM me. There have been no rules until now, but after getting lots of feedback from the members here we have decided to set down some guidelines/rules. Please don't fill your gallery with pictures of just shoes/feet/knees or copies from other websites, they will be deleted. Acceptable content is already covered in the main website rules. Also, make the pictures as interesting as possible please. If any of your pictures are removed in the coming weeks, you will understand, feel free to add more, but keep them interesting. Thanks,

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On the subject of galleries, please bear in mind that galleries come under the control of the member who posts them. A member does not have to make his or her gallery public, any private gallery will not be visible to the rest of the membership. You will have to ask the member for permission to see private galleries. Don't bother asking the moderation staff, we will not force a member to extend viewing permissions to anybody.

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Please let this be a reminder, as it seems some people are just blatently ignoring the rules here.

HHPlace is NOT a CD/TV/TG website, nor will ANY content of that nature be tolerated.

Please ask yourself before posting any pictures, "Is any part of this picture fake, or unsuitable for viewing if a child was to see it?

So GUYS, the next person to post images with fake breasts, or half naked, or crotches showing etc etc, will be banned instantly.

1 has just been banned for life for being a twat, and one has just had a final warning for posting pictures with fake boobs and innappropriate images.

IF your pictures are "close to the edge", then you are already at the edge, so dont post it.

There just isn't enough time in the day to moderate everything, so the quickest an easiest option is to simply ban those who are incapable of some civil decency.

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Members may want to re-read this as it seems several lately are overstepping the mark, ignoring the guidelines and then complaining when asked not to do it.

If you find that any of your images have suddenly vanished, then you know why.

If you want to post pictures of yourself in plastic/fetish clothing, then HHPlace is NOT the community for you!

If you want to post pictures of yourselves clearly dressed up as the opposite sex, then HHPlace is NOT the place for you.

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