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  1. thats good. the heels kept me awake all the way throught the film looking for the parts they had to film in flats, could not see any though. Loads of 'stunt flat shoes' in the Transformers films.
  2. The same here, they dont go up to my size, so never tried, it will be easy though, no problem, most shops just want your business. it might be a big thing for you, but it will be over soon enough and you will have some more heels.
  3. I have read your first post and I dont think you posted a very good question.
  4. People come and go, they move on, I dont post anything like I used to but pop in from time to time and am helping out here a bit more behind the scenes just at the moment. A lot of people come here to find help, they get the help and then move on, some will change whats happening in their life and move on, some will fall out with others here and move on. Some will get bored of the same topics coming up over and over again and wont come back so often. Some continually break the rules and are not welcome here. and so on, there are many many reasons why people come and go, it sure is different to the days when I started coming here and the forums before that. lets not dwell on this, lets move on, welcome the new and share a good healthy love of heels.
  5. Hi there, when you reply, you get the option to post and for 'more reply options' click on that and then at the top of the box you have a smiley emoticon, then click on that and a load will appear at the bottom of the box, then click the show all underneath, there are loads and loads of them good luck (did all that without using one)
  6. The thread relating to this has been deleted. Feel free to start another thread on the great shoes you bought from Aliexpress, but dont suggest they are rip offs here. Thanks.
  7. Sadly we wont be promoting anybody that does replicas here, start a new thread, post a picture, and dont ask the question in this way please. Thanks.
  8. sendra45


    Hi Billy, I see you are still coming back here from time to time, (it says so in your profile) so I am guessing you have been reading this, I have just re-read your first post. If you really really cant find anywhere to store them, (and my offer is still open to you, just stick them in the post), then just ditch them, you may well regret it, but they are only shoes remember. If, it does not work out, then back to your heels, if she is not going to be accepting, then fine, no worries, dont make a big deal out of it, maybe bring it up later on in life Lime15 has some good advice on how to bring it up again later in life. There will always be a party or Halloween where you maybe able to start the whole collection off again. Good luck, and feel free to reply here, you have been given a lot of advice from people that have been through it, even if you dont want to take the advice, a thanks might go down well
  9. Hi, I will have a look in to this in the next day for you.
  10. sendra45


    Well, your choice is honesty with your girlfriend or to start hiding from day 1 or to give it up. I would stick them in the roof, forget about them, if it works out okay with the new Girlfriend, ditch them, if it does not, you still have your collection. happy to stick them in my roof for you. Find a good hiding place, but dont let it ruin the relationship please.
  11. Welcome, dont forget to read the welcome email and have a look through the forum rules as you have broken one of our golden rules already by posting in the girls section. Thanks
  12. Moved to the 'for everybody' section as it is against forum rules for the guys to post in the girls section.
  13. welcome along, no longer 'one of those guests' we see here all the time. Feel free to join in, you will no doubt know how it all works here by now.
  14. Yep, saw it the other day and thought of us here, http://www.compeed.co.uk/news-events/now-showing
  15. I cant wait to hear what Lee has to say about this! he loves Timpson. I need a few things repaired and I will consider sending them to the other side of the country for Lee to sort them out. post a picture of the Damage, I am sure he will be able to give some good advice, also, if he does not see this, try contacting him. It is soul destroying when you trust somebody to do something well and they let you down.
  16. Oh Dear, I dint think this sort of thing did it for me until I saw this advert this week. http://youtu.be/9_zhqptyhAk There is something about it. Wow.
  17. It looks horrible, and I dont think that not having the time is an exuse in my opinion. Would you wear your new jacket or trousers with the label still attached? I doubt it and its not how the designers imagined their creation to be worn. I think its just lazy and scruffy.
  18. and if you cant be bothered to go out and get a paper http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/features/raphael-young-try-walking-in-his-shoes-2274358.html
  19. No, I think you might be the only member here from Sri Lanka. If you are wondering where your album went, please read, http://www.hhplace.org/technical_support_requests_proposals/14448-galleries.html and http://www.hhplace.org/forum_site_specific_announcements/16025-members_albums_galleries.html Thanks for understanding.
  20. Welcome along and thanks for the introduction.
  21. thats a great find, even if you dont like the funny soled ones, they have some other stuff at good prices.
  22. hello and welcome, tell us a bit about yourself.
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