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  1. Great looking avatar, and love the red nail polish.

  2. Hi there. I boght some nice shoes from Edgars this weekend and they have a very big variety at the moment. I am going to post some pics the moment my lady takes the photos. Will also post some pics after I walked the Sisters with Blisters. Just a pity that I can't get anybody to walk with me.

  3. I also love them. I bought them at a sale at Edgars about 4 years ago. I love wedges sandals and battle to find one's I like in SA. I work outside of SA and am only there every 3 months and don't always catch summer to find the lekker high heeled sandals....

  4. Love them. would like a pair my self.

  5. The rope strapping is superb. The shameless red polish and toe ring mean business. My lady friend likes them as well (she rarely acknowledges onther women at all)

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics of your sexy sandals. They are all beautiful and very sexy looking.

  7. My Avatar and all my pics represent me because they are me....
  8. I appreciate the compliment. I've added some more pics of me in my newest sandals. Check them out.

  9. Thanks for adding me to your friends. Your sandals are beautiful and so sexy. You look great in them. I have been wearing them for five months. Now have 12 pairs. Heel height is 3 to 5.5 inches. All are strappy and extremely sexy.

  10. I love painting my toenails shades of bright red
  11. My dream pair at the moment would be some Jessica Simpson Mandie wedges. I jus love wedge sandals
  12. My wife approves and we both have the same shoe size so we buy sandals together and wear each others although she's not really into high heels anymore and of course I love them, especially high heeled wedge sandals and slides. I work away from home so when I'm back every 3 months she and I go away somewhere private and secluded for a few days and then I wear high heels the whole time, not in public but in and around the houses we stay in and outside.
  13. I like wearing high heeled sandals because I used to get so turned on by seeing women with painted toenails wearing sexy high heels that I decided I wanted to feel what it felt like to wear heels and since the first time it made me feel so good that I just continued to paint my nails and wear high heeled sandals whenever I got the chance to do it in private. It's been 30 years now so you can imagine what a collection of sandals I have. When I met my wife I told her about my fetish and she was very cool about it and at least once a month I paint my nails and get my high heeled sandals out and w
  14. I agree fully, I just love wearing heels and I wear them in private where I get most enjoyment out of it.
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