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  1. hi do u have some pairs of 7 inches pumps?

  2. The pair in the first pic is really sky high (at least, more than the usual we are used to see) or is just an effect caused by the shot angle?
  3. Again, welcome! :) Wonderful introduction

  4. Hi ChickyD15 A very warm welcome from all the community! If you are an heel and leg lover well, I dare say you've joined THE place!
  5. http://www.screensour.com/Amanda-Seyfried-Has-Sexy-Crossed-Legs-High-Heels-Late-Show-20165357 Is there someone who can ID the shoes?
  6. I am with Trolldeg. And please don't give up shooting and posting pics, try posting new links here on your wall, where maybe admins don't have much jurisdiction :)

  7. PPS: meanwhile, you could rely on some image-hosting website, like imageshack or flickr

  8. You'll be able to post pics from next Monday, if you'll have made 5 or more posts ( http://www.hhplace.org/hellos_goodbyes_introductions/19479-hhplace-specific_faq.html ) :) PS: I saw one of your videos (with louboutin in the title) is locked. Any chance you unlock it?

  9. OMG!!! Wonderful girl > A++ Great taste > A++ Videos in 1080p > A+ You seem nice too > A+++ Ruined points on here > D--- You really are a great new arrival here at HHP and I wish you a very warm welcome, hoping you find this a nice place to chat and share ideas with everybody! M
  10. Nope I'm sorry, no FB for me. But I promise I'll keep you updated if I change my mind (and I probably could :) ) M

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