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  1. Slides 'n Heels

    Are you happy with your foot/shoe size?

    EU size 41 here, and sometimes size 40 will fit me so you don't hear me complain :-) But there should always something left to wish. Which is a bit narrower feet.
  2. Slides 'n Heels

    Do you want attention ?

    The main reasons I wear high heels is because they look much better than men's shoes and it makes me feel good. When I go out in heels I stay in the pocket, because I want to avoid nrgative attention. On the other hand, I would be pleased to receive some positive remarks. The reality is that I don't get any reactions at all. But you can't be noticed only by the open minded people with sincere interest.
  3. Slides 'n Heels


    A few months ago I tried to login again after a long time. But it did not work. I tried to reset the pw but did not receive an email with the confirmation link. So i decided to create a new account. But once again, no email with confirmatin link. So I guess they have enough members....
  4. Hoihoi, Bedankt voor je berichtje! :)

  5. Slides 'n Heels

    Ballet Flats

    You took a "huge risk" with this poll in a high heels forum But I dare to admit I like them too ! I have two pairs, in white and black.
  6. Slides 'n Heels

    One life for yourself, one for your... heels

    Don't worry, age does not count for musicians. Which you are too, isn't it ? :-)
  7. Ik wens je succes bij het vertellen van je high heels passie aan je ouders. Ik hoop dat het goed afloopt, en dat je op hun acceptatie en begrip mag rekenen.

  8. Slides 'n Heels

    Is your avatar really you?

    Sorry to hear that. I remember your avatar and it was a great one. My album disappeared too some weeks ago.
  9. Slides 'n Heels

    Went out in public wearing heels again.

    Well said....
  10. Slides 'n Heels

    When did you wear your first heels?

    I started to wear heels when I was already "old" at 34. But my story goes back to my early days anyway. As a young boy I had (and still have) a passion for flip-flops and wooden exercise sandals like the dr. Scholl's. Heels did not attract me at that time. In the late 90's I was browsing the Internet about wooden sandals and I found a lot of pics of wooden slides with heels. And the more I watched these pics, the more I got the desire to try them myself. So I bought my first pair online which had 2.5 inch heels. I was so excited that I wanted more of them and also with higher heels. Since that moment my passion has gone wider to other kind of heels like knee high boots, pumps, and since last year, ankle boots.
  11. Slides 'n Heels

    wearing boots in a pub

    You need to know familiar with bars and pubs to know what kind of people you can expect. Some have different kind of people with open minds. There it's no problem to be a bit "different" as a guy in heels. But other bars can be pretty closed communities with people of a certain kind. Those can better be avoided.
  12. Slides 'n Heels

    How much do you spend a year on heeled Footwear?

    Whowww ! You must be a very wealthy man. Or won the lottery last year. For that amount of money I need to work almost 2 months..... (-:
  13. Slides 'n Heels

    New in here

    Yes, you are right: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3129401.stm
  14. Slides 'n Heels

    shoe model ?

    Check out this thread: http://www.hhplace.org/high_heels_wanted/13011-where_can_i_get_these_9_5_inch_heels.html
  15. Slides 'n Heels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    To give up a girlfriend can be pretty hard. But to give up our passion for heels will be impossible.........

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