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  1. I am so there is at least one! @peterw the Vonda model you mean I guess?
  2. Dr Martens is having a sale and I couldn't keep myself under control. No heels this time but I love them!! Also have a pair of docs shoes under way which are a bit eccentric looking with many laces.
  3. @mlroseplant These are the thinnest heels they had. I'm really in love with this "Zita" series but don't own any. I have had the Zita Nevena (low ones without laces) but due the having a high instep they didn't fit properly. Every now and then they still appear on sites like ebay but for the Zita Gilda (the highest) the ask prices upward to 400 which is nuts in my opionion. I would really like to own the Zita Ofira (lowest with laces), Zita Kimora (ankle boot) and the Zita Gilda (knee-high). There is also a chelsea version existing called "Zita Roni" and a sandal called "Zita Raina". No, I'm no Dr Martens fanatic..at all..
  4. @chesterx The Zombie Stomper model would be even more suitable for that!
  5. @AlexC94 Why not appropriate? At home you (and basically everywhere) can wear whatever you like in my opinion! Don't really have a go-to pair, but since working from home every day is heels day! Attached a picture of the outfit of the day (Iron Fist Grave Robber heels and black skinny).
  6. Yes, all of them They have quite a collection including heels every year.
  7. Wow, such insane heights! Pretty bold shoes with the pink color as well. I wouldn't be able to walk in those!
  8. I get what you mean, you either like the soft sole or you hate it. The other heels have less of a soft sole though. I do like those boots! The classic 1460 with a heel. The quality isn't as good anymore since they are produced in China and Vietnam, but is varies per series and country. Even though they sometimes have problems I still really like them. I have a large choice and don't wear them intensely so they still last a long time. As long as they get their annual polish.
  9. @at9 I usually don't like clogs but the Una I wouldn't mind owning (in black). Would be great as 'house shoes' as well. The sole/heel is standard with DM across the range (Diva series in this case) so knowning how the others are from that period they must be very comfy.
  10. I checked the search but couldn't find any topic about this yet, so here goes: Since I've got a bit more spare time I created a new picture of my Docs collection for a Dutch facebook group I am participating in. Seemed like a fun idea to post it here as well. I'm quite the Docs fan and most of the ones I own are with heel. In general they are very comfortable, durable and look a bit rugged. I own 32 pair at the moment (8 without heel but most have a platform!), one pair of boots (second from the top left I bought a second pair of last saturday since they are my favorout docs boots "Belissa" and mine are starting to show they had their good use) aren't on the picture. Any other docs owners/fan's here? I have seen a few mentions in topics here and there. Would be fun if you shared a picture of your docs (preferably genuine/with heels here)!
  11. Thank you! Due to the platform the heel height isn't so much so they are very easy to walk in. I can manage on boots like this all day like they are sneakers.
  12. As posted in the who has bought some new boots section, Zalando had a sale and I was very tempted and couldn't resist. I also got a pair of basic black pumps (please ignore the hair I have been a little lazy).
  13. It has been a while since I've posted some new addittions. Over the past year or two I mostly bought Dr. Martens with heels. Since they are very good quality and have high wearing comfort. I also love how they look. My most recent purchases (last week) was proof that sale banners work in webpages. And since I'm pretty much stuck at home (like many of us due to corona) I have a bit more time looking at such things. Zalando had sale so I ordered three pair of ankle boots for less that the price of a single pair of Docs. I'm really into ankle boots and they are very easy to wear outside as well. The two pair on the left are real leather, the right pair isn't.
  14. Bit late of an reply and guess it ended, but still fun to share pictures I guess. A leather look skinny and some of my favourite heels. The Bordello Bella 12 in white (have them in red as well, they are very comfortable).
  15. Some shoegeeking : my guess would be not real Louboutin. First hint is that they are red on the inside as well. And based on the picture on the previous page the finish of the sole at the arch and where it progresses to the heel just isn't perfect enough. The nose also isn't quite right for a Louboutin.
  16. Nice idea to post cabinet pictures. I had two cabinets full of shoes, I thinned down my collection to a single cabinet. I'll try to take a picture.
  17. Here comes the rational Dutchie: I think the only thing that the difference in the number of posts in the for women and for men section tells is thats it’s normal for women to wear heels. And since it’s normal it doesn’t create the need to discuss about heels. For men it isn’t perceived as ‘the standard’ and men want to discuss about their desire to wear heels and share experiences with others. Us men might even seek reassurance. Women don’t go online and think, hm where can I talk about heels and wearing them, they just wear them. No negativity intended, just my thoughts on the numbers.
  18. The Kendras are awesome! I love Dr Martens with heels. Have 14 pair myself. The Kendra model I dont own yet. I do have the Persephone.
  19. Bumped into this and found it to be an interesting read: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/high-heels-military-training_us_5ae730cae4b02baed1bcb5c5
  20. Welcome to the forums! I really like your taste in heels and the way you wear them with the tight jeans. Looks great. I really like the heels from your first foto set. The sandals with the silver studs are awesome as well. Respect for going out in the park like that. I haven't worn really thin heels out yet. It looks great so you probably shouldn't let the doubts hit you again in a public place and go for it. And small things can be big for us heel loving men so don't worry. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Great boots! I love New Rock but they are so darn expensive!
  22. @BFGheels Those black heels look great with your outfit!
  23. It sure is. I have some heels on display in my livingroom, no need to hide those anymore when I get visitors. One of the gest new options.
  24. My interest in heels started in my early teens, I got my first pair of heels in 2006. I'm 35 now.
  25. She's great. Allthough I'm very happy with the both of them. My mom just talks about things easier. And she's more used to out of the box things. She has a male cousin thats gay. She knew from early age (she's becoming 68 this year) and never made a problem of it. When she was a kid she had a male friend that put on dresses and heels from his mother. She never gave it a thought.
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