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  1. Thanks for the compliments on my pics.

  2. I don't know if you've noticed, but you and Black Boots have the same avatar. Have you considered getting a new one?

  3. Great looking boots in your avatar and profile pics. What brand are they?

  4. The white boots in my profile pic are Pleaser Seduce 3010s. Since I have a large footprint, my choices are limited, unless I go the "custom" route.

  5. Nice boots in your avatar.

  6. I have to say, your taste in boots is incredible. Very classy. Cheers.

  7. Thanks, again. My boots are from the Pleaser brand (Domina 3013). They're just about the only 6 inch stiletto boots I can find in my size, without going the "custom" route.

  8. Thanks for the compliment. The boots in my avatar and my profile pic are my favorite pair of 6 inch stilettos.

  9. No avatar yet, Palle?

  10. Hi Geo. Haven't bought any new boots yet. About to order my first "custom" pair, though.

  11. Interesting avatar, Thighbootguy. Lol

  12. Palle, my boots are Pleaser Seduce 3010 (5 inch heel) and Domina 3013 (6 inch heel). The red ones in my avatar are Seduce 3010s.

  13. Saw the pics of your boot collection. Impressive.

  14. Nice avatar. Striking image.

  15. Hi, Geo. I got your message. I haven't made any new boot purchases lately, but I'm about to start. I'm getting bored with my current collection.

  16. Hi Geo. Got your message. Not much going on, really.

  17. Thanks for your compliments on my boot pics. And yes, now that the weather is cooling, I will be doing much heeling outside.

  18. Hi Geo. How's the avatar coming along? Are you going to use one of your own pics?

  19. Nice avatar. Fantastic boots!

  20. The avatar and the profile pic are great! Awesome boots.

  21. Your avatar is incredible! Very striking.

  22. Thanks again for the compliments. No, haven't worn them outside yet. (brand new) :)

  23. Geo, look in the "Shoe wholesale\retail" forum on this site and you will find several retailers that sell the Pleaser brand. Let me know if you have any questiuons.

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