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  1. I love your avatar! Very sexy and you look stunning!

  2. can you join us in Akron June 24/25?

  3. agree on the avatar, very nice!

  4. I love your avatar!

  5. Hi. looking at your small avitar picture, which looks stunning. I need to add you look stunning aswell. Legs777777

  6. 2nd ANNUAL North American Annual Heel/Boot Meet Las Vegas, Nevada, USA April 7-10 (nights of April 7, 8, 9) Please indicate by completing the poll; or posting on this thread; or PM/email to "iloveboots"; if you are attending "maybe" or "attending"; which nights; and how many in your party. The 1st Annual NA Heel Meet in Chicago had 28 people attend in Feb 2009 out of 55 registered (lots of food etc was wasted) so we need as accurate a count as possible. See the thread in "real life meetings" and register to attend in the poll.

  7. Hey girl what is shaking. Can you tell me what you now have in your wondrful boot collection these days. Hope we can talk soon. l

  8. this is geo how are you doin. Are you getting any exotic boots with heels this year?

  9. Why are your feet so wicked?

  10. Those purple pleasers ook awesome. what size are they? you look stunning in them ;)

  11. You will have to tell me where you got them because I have an interest in them. What is the heel height in them. Do you own other pairs of boots. I think boots are the only way to go. Do you like to see men in boots or not. I did not know if you are. I think it is cool for women to come into for men only forums but I think if women do not mind for chatting purposes to include us by asking fashion questions to the women.

  12. Thanks for all the great links. That should keep me way broke for a few years.
  13. Shoecraft is the place I contacted and got that email. And no, she said in a second email, they don't have any style of ballet heel anymore, but still taking orders for them claiming they have many styles of them in all 3 LSB ballet products. My guess is they pull the "but we have pleaser for 800+ to anyone who tries to order them. I'm tempted to buy a pair of ballets so I can have the sole and heels duplicated just so I can produce a line of my own with them. The LSB Heels really were the best ones ever produced for ballet boots. (would have to be NOT my purple leather ones cause they are awesome!)
  14. oooo and thank you! Never been to that site before. I see lot's of boots I'm going to be buying
  15. Yup thats what I said when I got the email. And yes, that's a direct quoted price and email. Once the shock wore off since I knew what the wholesale price was, I just shook my head and laughed at the audacity.
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