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  1. patent leather synthetic boots

    Hi all thanks for that i will have to go for real leather if i want it to last longer
  2. patent leather synthetic boots

    sorry its the synthetic type i was reffering to its the same with synthetic leather skirts they dont seem to last very long start cracking especially if they are stretched a bit as they get older by the zippers as do the boots
  3. Does anyone know how to keep patent leather boots in good condition ive had a couple of pairs with fab heels that i really liked but after a few years the patent splits or just deteriates especially around the zip area where they get pulled the most. Is there any treatment that could prolong their life.
  4. The Season Of Sweaters

    Not tried sweaters i have a 2 or 3 different cardigans to wear with short sleve dresses
  5. Shoe size females compared to man's

    I also agree with mlroseplant first thing in morning need shoe horn to assist to get on but later can slip in and out easily
  6. Collection and pics from down under

    the nine west courts are really nice
  7. Shoe size females compared to man's

    Well in mens trainers im a size 8 but in womens shoes im a size 6 in a court shoe i do have narrow feet and if i try a 6.5 i find i slip out so really you have to find whats right for you oh in a high heel boot im really a 6.5 to 7 so some experimentation required
  8. Nail Polish Colors

    Try Vivid Violet No68 by no7 a not in your face colour but subtle i love it
  9. Skirts!

    Ive never really gone for dresses as often you have to get yourself something to cover your shoulders and its not easy to choose the right cardigan /shrug Also by going for skirts and tops you can go for a different size up top to the skirt below so helps get a better fit. I prefer a v neck top but they seem to be hard to find unless you go for a shirt type top Vneck always looks more flattering but they seem to be in short supply
  10. HI This has probably been asked before but i would like to be able to delete a pic from my gallery Could you tell me how to do this please thank you
  11. Newbie Linda

    Linda you always look good in heels welcome to HIGH heel place
  12. my heels

  13. Skirts!

    I have about six skirts average length 21 inch just above or below the knee... black is my favorite colour a belted skirt is preferable and usually a black shirt or v neck soft top i take a 18 womans size and being handy with a sewing machine i often take in the side of the skirt to give more pencil shape and sowing up the kick pleat if you like more restriction to your walk add that with slightly pointed 5 inch heels and black gloss nylon stockings im a happy guy
  14. Do you ever feel feminine?

    I just like the look of high heels legs and skirts.. looks and feels sexy too many women nowadays dress like men and no one bats an eyelid many times see women in cheque shirts jeans and boots with short hair but if you see a man out in heels and skirt its frowned at They instantly think you are gay transgender when all you want is to look good and smart wearing different clothes I dont fancy men ... i love women and enjoy dressing in skirts heels and stockings i do wear a wig but no makeup Many Men dont look after themselves properly nasal hair ear hair long eyebrows I like to look after my apearance does that make me feminine? when dressed I like to look good smart office type , not tarty Men could be more excepted if they dressed in heels and skirts sensibly but many don the shortest skirt the highest heels and outragoeous wigs and boobs and makeup that makes them stand out like circus freaks its this stereo type that haunts us all
  15. I have the normall ladies shoe stretches and they dont work with high heels If you have heels made from man made /plastic patent that are too tight across the front then ive sometimes used a hair dryer on hot used carefully on the inside of the shoe to as the heat makes it more flexible then using my fingers pull tightly to streatch do this a few times and it can help with a tight shoe also heat the shoe inside gently before fitting helps to stretch over time and make more comfortable to mold to your foot little and often A WARNING dont get them too hot be carefull