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  1. I try to wear a different heel every day, and with over 35 pairs that's easy. It was her that brought up that she was embarrassed to be wearing the same wedges. My female colleagues have complained that I have "upped the game" with my heels.

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  2. She took another picture yesterday, I didn't get it.  She had the same heels and I had my white Charles by Charles David wedges, 1/2" taller than her's.  She was embarrassed that she had worn the same wedges.

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  3. Hi,

    I know that there are several similar threads, but some are for women only and are style specific while others restrict platforms.

    So in this thread I'm looking for.

    Style: (Stiletto pump, block pump, wedge, bootie, ...)


    Platform ht.:  ___

    Heel ht.:   ___

    Net rise:  ___

    Shoe size:  ___  (A 3" rise in a size 6 is very different from a 3" rise in a size 11)

    Maybe a picture.

    My tallest shoes, the ones I can clean the top of the refrigerator in, are my SpeedLimit98 Platform Peep-Toe Lace Up cut-outs, one of the first heels I purchased and wore out the store:  2" platform, 7" inch heel yields a 5" inch rise, US size 10

    Victoria's Secret Suede Ruched ankle-strapped stilettos:  0.5" platform, 5.25" inch heel yields a 4.75" inch rise, US size 10.


  4. Bionicci you have just discovered a secret "trying on shoes in a shoe store is really fun."  Please don't tell anyone. SSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Women's shoes come and go fast, so at least once a month I try to walk through my favorite shoe stores and see if I want to try anything on. Sometimes I have no intentions of ever buying the shoe, but I just have to try them on and walk in them. Last week I visited a mall and went through a large Macy's. Nordstrom, and 6 independent shoe store.  Only saw two pairs of heels I wanted to try on, and tried them both on. Both didn't fit right.  But still had fun.

    Just remember to keep it quite that shoe shopping is fun.

  5. My premise is if you want to wear your heels to work, you got to first wear them outside the house.  I know there are some situations and professions where heels are not appropriate, hey I mow my lawn in my running shoes even though stilettos help aerate it. I think I am old enough to not care.

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  6. I think I started a little stir when I posted a picture of a colleague comparing her wedges to mine at work.  Many people said they wish they could wear heels to work as well.  But wearing my heels at work means I wear them on the way there, the way home, everywhere I go that day.  So you first need to be confident in your heels in public.  THB and JeffB both have over come this hurdle (and much more).  While I not interested in wearing skirts, etc. I am determine to wear my high heels every where I go. I have styles I like and styles that don't work for me.

    So this is for those who opening wear their heels in public and what got you over that "hurdle" aka "out the front door".

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  7. The road south of Carmel is closed. A bridge got taken out by the storms this year. And about 30 major mudslides before Hearst Castle.

    I am an open high heel wearer. Wear them where ever I go.  Australia, Argentina, Chile, ..., LA, Tahoe, S.F., Vail, Denver, Texas,  ....

    I was in S.F. a few years ago and a guy selling something on the other side of the sidewalk (by Pier 39 area) shouted out "Prince" and ran over and gave me a fist pump.  I had a group of UCLA students walk pass me and some of the male students come back and tell how brave I am and how "Fly" my heels were (Speedlimit 98 7 inch wedges).

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