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  1. This is what I wore when I drove my son to school this morning.


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    2. TKHeels


      He is a bit unobservant, always sits in the back, behind the driver so he doesn’t really notice me, and no, there was no need to get out of the car; however, I didn’t have any other clothes or shoes with me, so if I had to have gotten out, that’s what I would have been wearing.  I take it back, the other shoes I had with me were a pair of my new otk boots in the trunk . . .( and yes, he knows I have heels and doesn’t seem to care)

    3. jeremy1986


      Good for you!! 
      Is he a carefree teen who couldn't be bothered... or a youngster who cant get his head out of his smartphone to notice ;-) 

    4. TKHeels


      @jeremy1986probably both, lol!

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