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  1. Hello,

    Having difficulty replying to a post it comes up in red script and hidden from view when i save it to be seen. Only i could see the reply. 

    Is there problem i created when replying  pressing inadvertently some stealth mode? 


  2. Cool outdoors for heels.?





    1. Pierre1961


      I love ! 

      Very nice combination. 

      I would like to be bold enough and wear such outfits 


    2. jeremy1986


      Really stunning, @MackyHeels! They go super well with the skinny jeans/ jeggings! 

  3. Someone bought some new designer  heels. Way to small for me to wear.. Woman keep purchasing and wearing shorter heels more these days.  





  4. Nice dress. Looks great with some pinkish black purplish heel sandals.!



  5. Cinch it dress from my favourite brand lululemon. Came out in March of 2018

    Thought to add some pictures. Very comfortable Pima cotton dress.  Crinkle with draw string seen in picture to tighten along the hem and entire one side. 

















    1. heely1


      Amazing outfit! Love the length of the dress and the heels

    2. MackyHeels


      The dress can be worn short or like my first picture shows with a longer length. 

      Added link to the dress. It came with black, black cherry, gray colours. 


      As for the heels wish they are smaller. Can’t walk in them properly or my foot falls out. Need to get some black Napa leather ones with 5 inch stiletto like you see me wearing. 

  6. What shoes do you wear to the mall? Or for that matter what clothes?

    Often contemplated should i wear something comfortable or stylish always dilema. 


    We strive not to be trolled in the mall by silly immature people. Once we show we are comfortable what we wear people get use to to it after their initial giggling reactions.

    Had quick errand to run on Friday at the mall decided to wear my black heel bootie Rag & bone harrows and skinny AG distressed black faded jeans. Not my first time walking around in public or malls in them. So i was more anxious or in a hurry to leave quickly getting the errand done. 

    Not many people at the mall around supper time. Those who i noticed me in the bootie heels were woman. Not that i was staring upon any particular woman but did notice few observation what i had on. First woman was at open Kiosk in the mall she looked over the counter as i approached passing by. She definitely glared surprised at my heel booties. Funny how females notice this quickly.

    Later as i was leaving i was approaching very attractive young female dressed similar to me. She was wearing tight medium wash jean leggings and dark tan block booties carrying shopping bag. She was approaching my direction as we were walking passing by. Didn't notice her at first as she came around the bend but did hear distinct click clack heel booties. Then i looked up distracted from looking upon myself, in the glass store window reflections, seen her my eyeballs bulging taking a big gulp, she definitely noticed me first, having that big sly smile on her  beautiful face, as many guys on this forum can attest having similar experiences themselves when outfited in heels or feminine clothes out in public. While acting little shy, i stared ahead pretending not being fazed at her smart cute confident happy grin. Did like her outfit and pretty legs but observing myself in reflections and mirrors around the mall stores i had  to have her beat, maybe she knew that don't know or my narcism. My booties were quite not a sound, leather soled suppose the quality of the booties makes them stealthy. 


    Don't know why an attractive female seen passing by at the mall was so amused by my near perfect outfit, humbly stating a proud opinion of myself.  Understanding  the reactions from other females about shock, open mouth stare, or rolling eyes of disapproval snear about me in heel booties and leggings. I get it, woman disapprove of male wearing female shoes, skinny jeans they find it repulsive because of there binary taste, style  of what i man should be wearing. Yet something about diva like females i see find me amusing that my outfit resembles hers, even appears better and modeled very well. My stride and walk was quick but flowed legs straight elongated firm and toned admired myself at any reflection i walked passed. 

    Best advice is for woman that get amused by my outfits is. Let people do what they need to do that makes them happy. Mind your own business and do what you need to make you happy. Suppose that is why i walk passed many divas with stoic expression fully aware of there amusement of my appearance. Simply faking ignoring them haters not giving in to any interaction or possible bemused sarcastic comments. Such as you looking lovely they way your styled. The style is so grand if your a woman, giggle laughter....  Why bother opening up myself to backhanded compliment..


    1. Cali


      Most of the time I wear booties to the mall. In the summer I might wear wedge sandals.  I observe women looking at my heels all the time, the clicking giving them away. Most of the time I know my heels are nicer than theirs. And higher.

  7. Was working out at the gym. Dude came up to me beginning to whisper telling me my pants i wear are sexy. Thinking he was just finished complimenting me he added that the shoes i wear are also sexy as hell. I looked down agreed with his first point about my leggings i was wearing while working out. Had puzzled look as i looked down at my nike black trainers. Thought the sneakers were similar to anyone wearing so i found his compliment confusing. Then he said, not those your wearing now, the black ones in the  change room with the heel, don't know how you can walk in them. 

    I  was bit shocked and amused at his whispering thinking someone might overhear and embarrass me or him although nobody was around. Surprised that some people notice my outfits arriving or leaving the gym.  Didn't have time to think of quick quip back only expressing thanks. Did cross my mind later the heels weren't that high only 3 3/4 inches. Did want to say you haven't seen me in five inch stilettos pales in comparison to my booties. 




    1. jeremy1986


      Good for you, That's a nice little exchange. maybe you can pick up the conversation with him again at another opportunity. Those are nice boots, by the way. 

  8. Wanted to buy some booties after work or at least try them on for sizing. Went to the mall return few items and along the way entered Stuart Weitzman boutique. Seen the exact booties i had my eye on for awhile but never pulled the trigger in purchasing. Seen female wearing them earlier in the week at my workplace in some leather black leggings. Of course i stared upon her she didn't notice but every opportunity i just drooled upon her outfit and heel booties.Was  on the fence buying some similar leather booties because own same leather black colour in round toe rather the pointed toe i so desire. Anyway i was looking around the store holding the bootie waiting for SA to come over getting the size. When i asked if she had 11 or 11.5 US in stock she replied they don't come in that size. Highest the make are 10 US. I told her she was wrong yet she kept nodding her head i was mistaken. Told her department store sells the exact ones in 11.5 US she didn't believe me yet kept her distance almost standing away looking at other female customers yet other SA had things under control. Left smiling at how dumb some SA assume woman shoes only come in 10 max in that brand. Yet if she educated herself she would know differently. 

    Long story short arrived to Nordstroms again nobody was helping until i kept staring at female SA asking her for size 11.5. Then as proof showed her my phone of the product code she could punch up. She found that the store doesn't stock the item in that size only online or web based purchases exist. She found it silly and dumb that the store can't order them either but only customers online. So i went on my way shoeless and heelless once more.  

  9. Latest mall experience shopping for new booties and few odds and ends.

    Decided to wear my camel suede booties to the mall outfitted with my suede brown moto jacket and paige verdugo blue wash skinny jeans. Felt good with my outfit casual but fun with the heel booties. Decided to go uptown to a large mall to buy some matching booties heels from Vince Camuto from Nordstroms yet still had to return few items at another boutique store nearby. 

    As i got off the underground parking lot elevator onto the mall main level seen lot of eyes were directed upon me or should i say my outfit. people passing through as i began to get my bearing in which direction i should walk in. Soon i found a interactive digital map of the mall and locations of the stores. There was asian family with little kids blocking the map while many others were looking upon the location there are on the map. As i was letting the asian family through lot of people began to crowd around. Heard a female voice standing next to my ear or little to my right behind me. She voiced out, "that's Gross!" then softer male voice mumbling incoherently something to the effect to her " check out his boots", the same female voice responded " I Know!" with slight dred. I sort of knew they were talking about me, but i didn't bother turning my head seeing who it might be. Thought to myself no laughter, or giggles that's always good sign, my outfit appears fashionable yet the narrow minded attitude i overheard isn't someone i care to even recognize or care about.

    Although the negative comment i overheard nagged me for quite awhile trying to fight off those thoughts. As i found few shops i bought some workout clothes without any avail by the Sales ladies or happy smiling  eager, enthusiastic, cashier although bit jittery. Although did notice some customers walking out of the store look me over one person started to comment but the other lady she was with began to sush them from saying anything and move them onward. As i went to H&M standing in line i read a message about equality seeing it was Women's day earlier in the week. Sign read something to the effect we will never be in equal footing until we all have same rights around the world. Ironic message seems woman got to look at themselves in the mirror first before they want to change the stigmas of inequality amongst themselves. Yet they don't seem to have the stomach to accept a fellow like myself wanting to dress femininely observing some females reactions onto me. 

    When i finally got to Nordstroms in there ladies vast large footwear section  i could hardly find the brand of booties i was looking for. Wasn't very busy for Sunday late afternoon seen many SA looking upon me but nobody, i mean nobody, wanted to help me. I passed by few SA they began to look the other way, as  i approached  picking up different shoes. them acting busy adjusting placement of  heels on the display picking up scrap piece of paper etc..  I sort of felt discriminated from the SA seeing i was assuradly looking for something but lost to find it.

    Then i decided backtrack the entire shoe section and ask one of the young Sales ladies. Felt as i was using this as way to hit on some sales girls feeling awkward approaching her maybe she was thinking the same thing. Again she acted polite with phony smile but i could tell she didn't admire my outfit certainly the booties i was wearing. She told me the brand of booties are no longer in stock being Spring collection is on display now... Duh! i thought to myself.  She suggested trying another department store yet Nordstroms website sells them, so i was bit confused and went on my way no thanks to her. Felt as i was being pushed out the store not wanting my business. Yet many SA just stood from afar observing like a lone security guard was so erie and judgemental for the likes of me. Felt about trying on another brand bootie from Stuart Weitzman display but the stares at  every SA and the gal talking to me left in hurry. Doubted i would get any help again let alone finding my size telling me they have no sizes i be wanting, yet there website has them go figure... 

    So began to stroll along the mall with no real stares from people suppose the males were noticing me the most compared to the ladies. Guess lot of males noticed how lean and toned my legs looked in the skinny jeans. Lot of females appeared to ignore me or what i was wearing be it angry, jealous, disgusted i don't know, but ignored would suffice with a word describing there reactions of me.

    For fun i stumbled into Stuart Weitzman shop and nobody was in it. So browsed the different shoes and the Asian young SA smiled asked if i needed any help. I told her about the pure bootie if they have it in stock. She seemed confused or lacked knowledge of the styles she had in the store, until i pointed it out on top shelf. She then asked what size do you wear. At last one SA that doesn't assume i'm buying feminine clothes, shoes for someone other than myself. That brought me a big sigh and relief but the way i was outfitted anyone could of guessed right. When she went in the back to look for the size 11 i said i needed, she came back  if you believe this in a 9.5. I chuckled to her but again thanked her for trying left without bothering to try them on. At least she acted nice but little confused towards her shoes styles she is selling. She tried to help asking she can find them online having them delivered yet i know the SW website is sold out. 

    Later i passed Jimmy Choo store was always intrigued to try on some stilettos Anouks but researching the sizing availability i doubt they have them in 11 or 11.5 US. Plus my booties were beginning to squeeze my foot doubt it would appear cool to un-sock my  foot and find red marks on my feet from all the walking i was doing in the mall for couple hours at least. Always next time although i say that everytime walking passed Jimmy Choo don't know what it is fear of trying on stiletto heel or falling awkwardly even i know i never would buy them for retail. 


    The pictures don't fully capture the outfit i'm wearing in the best pose or light i would prefer.  The wash of the jeans looks a lot better then shown. Wearing tight Theory navy top. Showing off my Gucci belt buckle with my unbuttoned G-star plaid denim shirt used to conceal necessities for modesty sake both rear and front maybe not so much up front leaving my shirt undone. 


    1. jeremy1986


      Well, I think you look fab, @MackyHeels. Those are ladies skinny jeans I assume? You really look great!

      Was surprised to read that the SA's were not happy to help you... I thought that things were much more liberal in the US/Can now. 

    2. MackyHeels


      Thank you for the compliment yet not many ladies would agree with you overhaering That's gross comment. Yes, they are Paige Verdugo skinny jeans painted on for sure. Maybe little to tight then most woman would wear but the stretch is amazing along my entire leg and wash on the thigh superb.


      Not that they didn't want to help. As it was more of vibe i was picking up on. Let me put it another way, SA weren't aggressive welcoming me to a buying experience, saying hello with a polite smile. Most SA noticed me initially some stared stunned wide eyed, others turned away mostly females acting busy. ( As if they couldn't stare upon a male in legging and heels not having stomach or admiration as female in the same outfit) 

      Could be Nordstroms staff is directed not to be pushy with customers letting them browse around left unattended. Yet whenever i'm in Sax 5th Ave they tend to immediately acknowledge me although i was never dressed the part or shopping in the ladies shoe section. Other department stores female SA sometimes wait for male associate to help me with shoe sizing etc.. Do notice after the deliver me the shoe size box  they leave me unattended observing from afar with them doing nothing. Commenting no less about their opinions to associates of me wearing woman heels, boots etc.. Sometimes i look there way picking up the gist of the conversation although never overhearing anything but facial reactions undeniably not happy seeing a male wear ladies shoes. Picking up some SA ladies standing virtually hiding behind a cashier desk already staffed with another employee manning for checkouts seeing her from a far as i fit into some shoes i can read there lips slightly saying, that's awful, freak, gross, that's disgusting i about wanted to throw up seeing him, other SA beside them laugh, chuckle or agree slowly subtly nodding looking over towards me. Once finishing trying them on i dislike the fit i leave the boots or shoes without any SA asking if i choose to purchase them or not. Then i leave without any feedback or goodbye them waiting for me to leave from afar.

  10. New sandals. Guess no big deal men wore sandals like these in biblical times. Yet in western society they are trendy for feminine styles. Have to add having pedicure painted toe nails does have a style i see a lot of woman show off. No matter i'll be the only male that does so in neighbourhood despite peoples reactions or suspicious  wrong labels of me.

    $_12 (1).JPG

  11. What is with KIA commercials i've seen lately ? Are they selling heels or the car..... Seen one lately with a woman in a loose grey crop business pants suit walking along side the red Sorrento in heel stilettos.

    Again with Lima with this one.




    Anyone know the heels these woman wore?



  12. Wearing both masculine and feminine clothes, if your looking for example she is best to pick.

    Gwen Stefani left the Empire State Building in New York City while Snapchatting the paparazzi outside waiting for her. Do any of you follow her on Snapchat?

    Gwen wore a new pair of DSquared2 jeans, this time choosing some cropped tuxedo and patched style pants which she paired with fish nets, Louboutins, a printed top and a leather jacket. I’ve always liked how she mixes feminine and masculine pieces together in her looks.

    Yah! like the editorial piecing male and female clothing but average jane or joe really don't notice only that with makeup and blonde colored hair and heels she is what a girl looks like. Try that style with any guy bet some would immediately label cross dresser or question his sanity. Double standard anything works for a female to wear but be careful any guys sporting it... 

    Seen her on Late Late Show while back still wearing those 5 or 6 inch patent Louboutins, when i watched her sing i was bit jealous wanting that look for myself.

    Take a look see what i mean. Crop Leggings  and those heels oh ya, how can anyone hate Gwen...




  13. Want to buy these Vince camuto tan suede.

    Anyone  opinions or experiences these pump slingback?





  14. Walking along shoe isle and found nothing in my size. As i was leaving i walked along another isle and seen this cute young woman on her phone standing in one pump heels like these....


    She was looking around thought to give her thumbs they looked amazing. Must admit was a bit envious of her would of tried them on if they were in my size. Uhh the agony...


  15. Thank you for the nice comments about my picture gallery. Don't hear positive encouragement on the fShion front...

    Thought to purchase the sweater with sewn white hem but don't believe many people at work would appreciate me wearing one. Obviously it's made for females and many already give me grief wearing feminine fashions. Can't wear my booties and when I did wear a tunic to work many woman had their suspicions or familiarity to the item being for their gender. Only receive smirks from females and comments that I have issues because what I wear often keeping their distance. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. pebblesf


      I hear ya buddy!  Like I say, many negative comments just come from jealousy and insecurities!  The proof is when women compliment you while their peers are not around.  My level of confidence is no where near yours, but I share your frustrations.  My biggest frustration is finding a cool pair of boots that I can afford, but they are way too small!

      Enjoy yourself and wear what you like, and thanks for all the inspiration!




    3. MackyHeels


      Thanks again but level of confidence is always about what's your motivation wearing the particular clothes. Often i use dissonance as a motivator to wear certain things. Obviously we all love attention from others being positive. You need to understand not everyone loves what we wear no matter who or what's your gender, their always haters in the world.

      To help your confidence is to figure out why some people wear particular clothes at any given time. If you blend in the trend or style then your confidence will soar. For example don't dress up in heel stilettos when shopping or running errands on a busy Saturday at the mall. Often i see majority of females wear knee high flat boots with black leggings or tight jeans. Yet you can copy the style and go unnoticed blending in while sporting exactly what she is wearing.

      While at this time, many women prefer wearing flat riding boots which to me looks very odd. The style is masculine in nature, wearing knee high riding boots as females. Observing closely i find they fundamentally look like oxford or brogue shoes often with sagging ankles with leather zip uppers similar to a baseball catcher's shin guards. Woman have to realize they look silly in these boots.  Trends and increase number of females wearing them becomes a staple item or a must style to own and wear.

      So our eyes get accustomed seeing every female with means wearing all kinds of brands of knee high boots thus brainwashing or conditioning our beliefs they are worn only for girls not for men. Yet the style was made for motorcyclist and horseback  equestrian riders so to keep a heel not slipping in the pegs or stirrups. Even police officers wear leather riding boots on horseback and German Gestapo wore them in WW II.

      So when i give into the increasing trend  of knee high boots myself, trying to find the perfect pair. Woman will begin to sneer or giggle  seeing a male wearing them, only because they believe it's their own style.  Only way to overcome this prejudice is to go over the top wearing stiletto heel knee high boots. This brings more attention and feminizes the look to what women should be wearing rather than flat heel boots, which resembles a masculine vintage style. Woman then will recognize applauding, saying yes to themselves, stiletto heel knee high boots look fantastic then these flat boots they all are wearing.

      Often it's amusing observing different brand of knee high boots worn by woman. Most boots i come across wanting to purchase have a 15 inch circumference opening fitting tight on many woman calves or knees. Seeing how increasingly big woman appear it shows that on lean legs like myself the style doesn't work out too well.  Unless you i forgo the knee high phenomenon and go directly to thigh high boots with heels. Then it becomes expensive.


      Take a look at link of Zach Efron just wearing woman jeans. Wonder what the reactions from females are? Are they judgemental? Again the style is incomplete and looks silly and odd, easily could be mocked and laughed upon.  Reason behind him wearing that is another celeb Harry Styles wore some male 

      Where are the serious booties or stiletto heels that dress up the pants as the model of the online shopping site link. Then he would look more natural and fashionable as a woman seriously would be. This is what us males heelers struggle everyday with outfits that look unfinished or hesitate to make the next evolution to complete the outfit. Only because we or he wants to look masculine yet wearing unmistakably women's coated shiny pants that are worn to loose not tight enough as they should appear. 












    4. pebblesf


      Well, I think Zac looks GREAT in those jeans, they fit him perfectly whether or not they were designed for women.  True, seeing Zac in those jeans and killer hi heel boots would be amazing, and he could surely pull it off, no one is qoing to question Zac's masculinity.  Zac is obviously confident and masculine, and would look great in boots, to me he would look amazing powerful and confident.  I guess I wish that more masculine guys like Zac would challenge fashion "norms" by wearing more hi heeled boots, helping to make it more acceptable for less confident guys like myself.  Currently, I have no problem wearing my 3" women's frye boots, and 4" women's square toe boots anywhere, but much more reserved when it comes to my 5" stiletto boots. 

      I agree, seeing women in tall shafted boots with flat heels is disappointing, but surely better than no boots at all.  Just because high heeled boots are considered "female wear", not all women look great in them, many can't walk well in them as well.  To me, guys with larger feet have an easier time walking in higher heels because of decreased foot angle due to the longer length.  And, just like women, not all guys can pull off high heel boots successfully, but it sure is a powerful look when it works!

      Thanks for all your insight and amazing pictures!


  16. Feel i'm going to give up wearing stiletto 4 3/4" heel. Only because i can't feel comfortable standing or walking without extreme pain to my achilles tendon. Feels as i'm in constant stretch with my achilles while wearing these heels. Difficult to ignore the pain while walking. 

    Is this a common problem when wearing high heels for the first time?

    Do understand that the achilles do stretch in heels shortening the calf muscle after period of time. Is my pain and discomfort normal for newbie or should i try another heel stiletto?


  17. Shopping Channel heels selling Piers from Charles David but checkout the female in knee high suede grey boot heels, love her in them envious wanting to own a pair myself.

    Any comments about the bootie or knee high boot heels.



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