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  1. Hi, Brand new pair of only maker size eu43/ uk9 high heels. Look great, 6 1/2inch high heel with a 1 1/4 inch platform. Open toe design with spikes, outer material is denim. Price £30 UK postage £6 Regards
  2. veryhigh

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I use ASOS as well, 10uk wide fits well for me. Evans 9ee(e) are similar as can be new looks eu43 sizes. But many of my items are Diechmann. I did try to attach some pics but got an upload error (200?)
  3. veryhigh

    FSJ Shoes

    No, but looks very interesting.
  4. veryhigh

    First post - First pair of heels

    choose what you desire I started out with stiletto 4 1/2 inch heels but you very quickly learn to love them or maybe change your mind
  5. veryhigh

    Charlotte Olympia heels

    I really like them very sexy
  6. veryhigh

    Best boots

    epic look nice to see another uk memeber
  7. veryhigh

    My extrem heels

    what size did you order and did they run true look great on the pictures
  8. veryhigh


    Very nice look that style suits a flat heel nicely
  9. veryhigh

    Heels (Over 5") And Comfort....

    Very nice heel shape and height
  10. veryhigh

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Very nice boots great look
  11. veryhigh

    Disappearance of Women's UK size 9?

    I agree there are less on the shelf but new looks online section is dlowly growing. I just order loads from new look when in sale the send back non fitting items as thry have a great return system. But I do miss buying from the shop a having a good look at all the styles. I always look a tad strange as I look at 9 and louise my partner is size 3 so we are normally opposite ends of the shop
  12. veryhigh

    Let's get to know each other

    Name: Adam Age: 28 Gender: Male Location: Midlands Occupation: Engineer Height: 5ft 11 Weight: 12st Shoe size: EU43-44 - 9/10uk What's your favourite heel style: Stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: Boots Do you wear heels outside: Every weekend and walks at night up to 4 inch, mainly chunky and half hidden What is your favourite heel height: ~5 1/2 inch max comfortable so far but do have 6 and 7 inches What is your highest heel height: giaro wedge 7 inch heel How often do you wear: every day Anything else you wish to add: Big heels fan and my girlfriend also
  13. veryhigh

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Look awesome nice find

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