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  1. @balletboot love those brown boots, may I ask where they are from??
  2. Along those lines.... an actual Nordstrom store is always a great idea. Their service is impeccable and they usually have lots of extended sizes. I have tried on and bought many shoes at Nordstroms and its always been an excellent experience. There was also that one time that there was another guy trying on heels at the same time as me!
  3. I agree sometimes it just does not fit with the look that i am going for. Some time ago I bought a gaff which is essentially a tight thong and it works great.
  4. projectz

    First time

    Love those booties and pedi! I have been looking for a pair of peep toe booties lately, enjoy the new sandals too.
  5. projectz


    Love the toe nail polish color!
  6. projectz


    I love those wedges!!
  7. I was out earlier today in skinny jeans and flats. Im not sure if any one noticed or not at least no one was obvious about it. In retrospect i have seen very few guys out in heels or womens clothes (other than jeans) at the mall. One time I ran into an other HHplace member at nordstrom.
  8. I have been regularly getting pedicures for a few years now. However I have been starting to learn how to apply my own polish by watching you tube videos and I have gotten pretty good at it with some practice. It makes it much more affordable and easy to change colors often!
  9. Crotchhiguy, love the sandals! I hope you can get some use for them.. if not they are my size
  10. My new color. Strangely it seems very masculine as a gunmetal gray color that also matches my favorite car color!
  11. http://lookbook.nu/user/2952190-Elliott-A/looks He seems to have some really great outfits! Has the build to pull it off too.
  12. Nice sandals! I agree with SF that is a tall heel touche to you Sir. It sounds like a great night.
  13. I love wedges! I have been chasing these for a while now: https://shopping.yahoo.com/961935606-seychelles-midas-touch-womens-dress-sandals-black/ I saw them on ruelala and didnt buy them now I cant find them anywhere. I would love to wear them out with a nice pedicure!
  14. Hey Everyone, I know this is short notice but I will be staying downtown and looking to get a pedicure and do some heeling! Would anyone care to join?
  15. Steve, I have the same sandals as you. I also felt the same sliding when I wore them after a pedicure. Great outing guys! Sounds like a fun time. Is there anyone in the boston area that would like to do a similar outing?
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