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  1. where is best for cheaply priced size 10-11uk 5inch plus courts with reasonable delivery times? I have seen some on amazon but September is tooo far away! Black/nude being the preferred colours. thanks in advance (If any ladies have larger feet and stumble by this post, dont take ya heels off n risk your tights :-)) please feel free to share places too)
  2. Hello from Essex England. Straight man who loves shoes.. definitely game for a shoe meet would love to have the bottle to come out of the closet or even go shopping
  3. so wot did u buy in the end? and when will we get to see them on?
  4. near london. Might be daring and go in a few shops tomorow and possibly try a pair on... im terified but no itll be worth it! (sounds like a whimp to all the experianed heel wearers, but im so worried about the reaction!!!)
  5. thanks, cant believe how helpful this forum is! so when i get my 31/2 inch pumps or block heels and put them on, wots the correct way to walk in them to get max elegance from them? is there anything i can do to build my ankles while i pluck up the courage to buy them?
  6. [note to the mods, i did post this in the male section, but id also like a female opinion, so please let me off for the duplication. PLEASE!!!] basically i have never worn stilletos b4 but really want to build up to 5inch advice, tips, pointers on how to walk in them properly etc would be very helpful! As would a list of shops where i can be helped rather than laughed at! Many thanks
  7. thanks 4 that, how long do u think it could take to build up to those 5inch masterpieces?
  8. hi im new to the site, and wearing high-heels, but i really want some, and especially some 5inch stilletos and also some 6 inch+ clear platforms!!! mmmm anyone got any hints, tips, of where to buy, try on, and how to walk in them? especially If anyone would be willing to help me to learn/ teach me how to walk in them properly would be particularly useful! Hello yet again, i look forward to getting to no u all! thanks!!!
  9. i am male (never of guessed) and really wanna try on a pair of 5 inch black stilettos because they look so elegant. I am straight, just kind of curious i guess but would love to go into a shop and try some on, possibly buy. Anyone know any understanding shops in london where i could do this? Secondly, will i find it hard/impossible to walk in them? how do i learn??? Please help! p.s. its so nice to find a forum dedecated to like-minded people!
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