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  1. Sorry, this should now be sorted. No more moderated posts.
  2. Hi Katie Welcome to HHPlace, I'm sure we all wish you a warm welcome and hope you enjoy your stay at HHPlace. Quick question, doesnt an engineeer, especially at a place like Airbus, need to wear protective footwear?
  3. Or you could "Up your game"? 🤣 I dont see why we cant have a male/female winner..
  4. Pleaseeeeee read the competition rules. Your entry will be removed. So, are you saying that you need to go shopping sometime this year just so you can squeeze in more entries? Hmmm, what a downer... So long as it doesnt look like your about to walk into a strip club, then it should be decent.
  5. Then you should have written exactly that Its just a bit of fun and I would only really be judging who is most in-tune with the spirit of the community and is out there enjoying themselves. None of the ladies here even chime in to offer so much as an opinion, let alone help judge, so its kinda left for me to do it anyway. I sense that if @CAT enters, then everybody is going to have a hard time beating him, or Craig... Although Craig has since buggered off, leaving his friends behind.
  6. Hi Folks So instead of a "Legs and Heels" contest, this year I thought we could hold a "Best Dressed (In heels)" Member contest instead. Max of 1 entry per-month of no more than 2 pictures. No pictures in bedrooms/toilets! (Thats just creepy) Bonus points for full body photo More bonus points if photo is in public. Competition open to all members. No pics of just your feet. Picture must have been taken in 2021. In Jan 2022 the Winners will be announced. Hopefully, if the world hasnt destroyed itself by
  7. That was kind of the point, to encourage a few more to get out into the world (Within current lockdown limits) and discover that nobody gives a hoot whats on their feet? Was just an idea, nothing more than a suggestion to Not have "yet another legs contest" and do something different 🙂 So far, 2021 is ok, we're healthy, so cant complain. Hope all is well oop'norf too 🙂 Reviewing the handful of entries for the 2020 Legs and Heels contest, I'd have to say 1st place: @Bootslover29 - Full picture, outdoors, just getting on with life, not trying to look like a woman and looking p
  8. How about we change it up a tad? Best dressed member (Neck down) in heels? Outdoors pics only? Just to encourage a lot more thought into the picture and avoid it turning into "200 guys in skirts"?
  9. Would you do this with any other footwear? This is where your turning it into "a thing". Your making something ordinary, albeit unusual, into something weird. If this wa s apair of trainers, you wouldnt think twice about it. You be surprised how much truth is often buried in a joke to test a reaction! She might well be waiting for you to to "come clean" by bringing it up repeatedly. Show us... Share a pic from the neck down...
  10. 1 massive life lesson I learned. "The only person who gives a crap about what you are wearing when you are not at work is you!" Some guys get it right and look great, most get it wrong and look dreadful, and people will notice, laugh and move on with their lives, and still not care. If you're keeping this a secret from your wife, you need to change that, and fast! Otherwise you going to end up a single guy, over some poxy footwear. Seen guys make the wrong choice soooo many times, its sad. But have also seen guys make the right choice, and work things out. But dont make it
  11. No idea why this was posted in "High Heel Discussions > Your Favourite High Heel Pictures" but have now relocatd it.
  12. Maria Carey would be jelous of those...
  13. I have removed a "few" of your posts that were clearly just about womens clothing and nothing else, but these are not recent rules and are nothing new, but simply as you have correctly pointed out, recent moderations. People do veer off topic, some more than others, and naturally, it should be 100% expected that clothing is a part of footwear choice, that much should hopefully be obvious, but when things turn to "I'm all about femme clothing/items/makeup" etc and nothing else, then things have gone way off the rails. Funny because there is also a similar train of thought for most partners
  14. Nope. An administrative nightmare that I definately dont want to contemplate.
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