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  1. RonC, I bought a similar pair for the same reason last year. These are my new OTK boots, from New Look. £45, size 9. They fit perfectly. I've worn them around the house, I'm not public heeling so much, not so obviously anyway, but I am looking for ways to wear them. I just I missed a trick with the Halloween parties around http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3903-my-new-otk-boots/ Link to New Look, for those interested
  2. I just bought a pair of OTK boots from New Look. They're being delivered tomorrow, but I'm a bit worried about the sizing. The foot should be fine but I have muscular legs and I just really hope they'll fit. Well, if they do, pictures will be posted. If they don't, I'll return them, no problem
  3. Those are great, Schnubab! Where from? How much?
  4. These Kelly Brook over the knee boots, from New Look. Saw them today on the website, but I can't spare the cash http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-boots/kelly-brook-black-over-the-knee-shoe-boots_288763301
  5. Statement-making boots. I wear mid-heel ankle boots regularly but nothing like that, on show like that. Those boots are to say "Look at me, look at my shoes, look how extravagant I am!"
  6. Picked a black and white pair of these up from New Look yesterday, for £15, on sale. Really comfortable, and the Mrs has decided that with thick socks on, she's wearing them, so I guess they'll get plenty of mileage! I really need to update my galleries with outfit pictures.
  7. And only 4 comments on the boots, and not really that negative. "Rylan? In heels?! Ow my." "Rylans wearing heels!!!!" "Why has Rylan got heels on? He's already 6ft 5!" "rylan in heels, i've seen it all!!" In fact, one comment focuses on the make up that the guys are wearing. In my opinion, that's a sign that no-one really cares what he's wearing on his feet. I mean, if you're going to comment on the make up, you'd comment on the shoes...
  8. Stop letting your mum check your bank account. Take pride in who you are and do what you like, regardless of what people think. Explain to them. Seriously, people don't care. If you hide it, they care.
  9. The boots are a grey, darker than the picture would suggest. My flash is a bit bright haha! I don't know about 'acceptable'. Any footwear should be acceptable, but I think I know what you mean. As I said earlier in the thread, I got them just for wearing out, because of the style, lower heel, and overall practicality. I, too, wore my boots under jeans, although noticed whilst passing shop windows that they were more than visible. I wasn't trying to hide them or anything, they just look nice under jeans. ...does not really invite comment, adverse or otherwise... Exactly. They're just my shoes.
  10. Care to elaborate? My partner, a woman, supports me, a man, in anything I want to do...
  11. I prefer quieter heels, but I actually don't mind too much.
  12. Personally, I'd say she's compromised a lot already. Be respectful of her feelings, but at the same time make sure she's aware that it's something you want/need to do. A lot of people don't have nearly the amount of current support you do.
  13. HappyInHeels - I actually expected the "who cares?" attitude. London is a busy place, with lots of people doing their own thing. No-one has time or reason to stop and talk to the guy in heels about why he's wearing them or any other questions. Why am I wearing them? Comfort. They're comfortable. I also like being a little taller, which is why we've seen the likes of Robert Downey Jnr in heels. Shafted/mlroseplant - That's pretty much my point. I'm comfortable and able to walk, without any problems, in the boots I wore, and that's why I wore those. My partner and I often joke about how I can walk better in heels than she can, and she always says "Why don't we see about that when you get outside?". After feeling all of the lumps in the road, the different terrains etc, I don't think I'll manage too well on stiletto heels, but at the same time, I don't have a huge desire to be in stiletto heels. I did, but my tastes are changing as I look at a more daily life, and the practicality of being in heels all day long. Practice will make walking in stiletto heels outside easier, but that will come at a later time when I find a pair I want to wear outside. For now, my ankle boots are the style I'm looking for, to fit into my daily life. HeeledSlides - That's exactly it. My first outing, on all kinds of pathways and roads etc, wasn't going to go well in courts with a 6" heel and 2" platform! Not only would it likely become uncomfortable quickly, but I'd probably do myself an injury too! I chose the ankle boots because they were comfortable to walk in in the store, and I knew that I'd be fine outside. They were bought specifically for my venture out.
  14. JSLS

    Leah Remini Heels

    Can't say I've ever noticed her footwear, but I do have a massive crush on her. Phwoar.
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