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  1. Amazing looking boos, I would also like to knoe how much and were you bought them, enjoy them when you get them.
  2. Love the pony boots

  3. How do I put pictures on the system please ?

  4. Hi, I did buy a pair of Heeless Fetish Queen boots from Estresmodes and I will post a video (if someone can tell me how to) here showing the bad workmanship. I sent many emails to complain about them but got no satisfaction. BOOTED UP.
  5. Hi , I bought a pair of these from Estremodes and I was very disappointed with thefinish, quality and service I got, I wont be buying from then again. Booted up.
  6. Hi, sorry to hear that but it makes me feel better that I am not the only one who had a bad experience with these people I will never buy from them again.
  7. Hi, they look great, they make my home made pair in my avatar look terrible. you say they are reasonable, how much? if they are then maybe they would be worth the gamble, please let me know the outcome when you get them because if they are ok I will be buying a pair myself. Happy heeling, Booted up.
  8. Congrats on your walk ShyHeelGuy, I think we have all been there, just be careful walking around especially so late in the local park, keep it up. Happy heeling, Booted up
  9. Hi Asenath, I bought a pair of custom made heeless knee high boots from this site and they cost me €450 posted to Ireland. I was looking forward to getting these boots and when they arrived I was very disappointed with the quality and workmanship, so much so that I will never buy anything from them again. I love my boots and I am very handy with my hands, but I still cannot repair the bad workmanship on these boots. I emailed Esther in the company about this many times but got no satisfaction, all I will say to you is buyer beware. Happy heeling, Booted up.
  10. Hi hh pe, its a pity you cant enjoy your heels as often as you would like, I am at the stage that I wear my boots all the time around the house and outside sometimes, I have a very understsnding wife and my kids are all grown up. Anyway I like the photo of you in the leggings and knee boots, its something like I would wear but with a higher heel. Continue to wear and enjoy your heels as often as you can. Happy heeling, Booted up.
  11. Hi, good story, its a great feeling keeping on your heels for a long time when you are walking long distances. I take it from your story that Anne is ok with you wearing heels but not too much in public, I say well done Anne it just goes to show that nobody notices, but as we all know its a case of give and take and respecting each others wishes. Its a pity (shame) that you cut the heel down by 1 inch, the 4 1/4 inch boot must have look amazing. well done both of you and happy heeling. Booted up.
  12. Hi StormClaw, I don't want to rain on your parade but,I agree with Steve its a confident look and I also agree with hh4ever1. Even though you have told your friend you wear boots with mens clothes will she realise you mean high heel boots, and will she be shocked/embarrased when she see's you with your jeans inside the boots. I would wear a knee high pair under my jeans for the first meeting with her, you can discuss heels with her and you will both know were you stand. I would hate this to cause problems or make things awkward between you, as you know it is rare to meet someone that understan
  13. Well done on your outing, you will want to do it more and more now, good luck and happy heeling.
  14. Hi MyKeyG, I see you are a new member your very welcome, its nice to see another member from Ireland. Had you ever worn / admired high heeled boots before this or was it the start of something new for you ?
  15. Hi, yes you are right, I was delighted with the casual comment from the girl in the shoe shop, she didn't care she just wanted to do her job and try and make a sale.
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