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  1. TY hun, I only have too pairs of boots. I knew I was going to be in grass and mud so I didn't bring any really nice heels with me.

  2. TY for the complement!

  3. Complete and utter chaotic confusion. I was finally cleaning out the closet in the guest room and found out I had two pairs of the exact same high heels! Virginia, inside the beltway.
  4. Would hate to see you go, good people are hard to fined on the net. Anyway your welcome. Have a good one. :-)))

  5. Thanks for the comment. I was angry with HHP for deleting a bunch of my other pictures without any warning. The thought was this is my last picture before I flush HHP.

  6. Great shot of you heels. I like it but the pot has to go. LOL thank you.

  7. Not for me. I prefer heels with an enclosed toe box. Strappy sandals and Gladiators, are fine in the summer time. IMHO, I consider open toe boots a fad and about as attractive as Earth shoes.
  8. Hi hun, you're very kind

  9. great pic they are not the legs of a 40 year old

  10. You wouldn't by chance live in tx would you?

  11. Re: Maybe you can help me on my latest quest? I guess you have trouble finding slouch boots that won't fall on you calves ? Please take a look at the private message I sent you and reply accordingly I would be more than happy to give you some suggestions to try :-)

  12. Maybe you can help me on my latest quest? I am looking for a pair of high heeled ankle or slouch boots. Pointy toes, narrow heel at least 3 inches (plus), and almost certainly in black. I can't find any that I like in my size. Lot's of near misses but they are already on other peoples feet. Thanks!

  13. Re: Thanks for the note! > You are more than welcome ! I must say you got the perfect leg shape to wear a skirt And with heels, it is even better. Happy heeling !

  14. I luv your GF's pointy stud boots, do you know make and where she bought them?

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