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  1. I voted #2 as well. My wife is very tolerant of my enjoyment of heels/boots, and I have worn some flat riding boots out with her before (under jeans). I've done drives in the car with some of my higher heeled boots on and a few quick stops to get gas. Nothing much out and about in high heels though.
  2. Under jeans for me right now. Would like to expand my confidence in the future and work on wearing them over jeans. But I'm still happy wearing them out, regardless!
  3. My most recent purchase was a pair of Hennie boots from Nine West. They're very comfortable and I'm starting to get the leather broken in. Since I am size 12, I have had great luck with Nine West boots. I really like their options! http://www.hhplace.org/gallery/image/3998-nine-west-hennie/ (can't seem to post the image otherwise, but you can see my boots in the album in my gallery)
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Perhaps it would be worth me asking about the foot sizing as well. The boots look great there. Very interested...
  5. Has anyone purchased from Fabulously Fetish? I'm debating between a pair of the Thelma or Regina lace ups, but in a custom measure build.
  6. *Love* those boots and the platform, Olounda! Where did you get them?
  7. Thanks very much, that's great to hear. I'm going to see what Daniele can do regarding larger sized boots and go from there. It's holiday time so the factory is closed down ... guess it will be a bit until I can move forward though. Haha. Thanks again.
  8. Hi VinHeel, how was your experience w/ Daniele on the SettiMocielo ebay store? I'd contacted them just the other day regarding larger-sized boots and any input on experience would be great. (This pair had caught my eye: http://cgi.ebay.it/D-RENZI-EXTREME-OVERKNEE-BOOTS-STIEFEL-BLACK-LEATHER-43-/270790111864?pt=Donna_Scarpe&hash=item3f0c593278)
  9. I'd also like to know if anyone has feedback -- those are beautiful. There are other ones in the Karla Malthon ebay store which list sizes up to 45 as available. For example: http://cgi.ebay.de/LUXURY-PLATEAU-OVERKNEE-STIEFEL-SCHWARZ-MADE-ITALY-/300540661711?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item8bb387bbfa Thanks everyone!
  10. Lots of interesting posts here and so much to read through. I haven't had too many experiences on this topic with women who enjoy men in heels, but have had great luck with my wife, who enjoys me like that. One of my first experiences with my wife (we were only recently dating then) was that she was very receptive to my love of boots and heels, and she encouraged me to wear my red Pleaser 5-inch thigh high boots out with her to the movies for a late night showing and then over to a little diner for dessert. She was very tolerant and interested in understand why I enjoyed them so much. It was quite a rush to do that, though I could only wear them under my jeans, but still, I loved it. We ended up doing that sort of thing more and more and she was always very supportive. I think women *do* like that on their men and maybe some ladies will just take a bit of time to see it over and over before liking it. I also think she enjoyed that I got a few looks, but knew that I was with her at the same time!
  11. Jens, those boots in your avatar are amazing! Where did you find them? I would love a pair like yours!

    1. pebblesf


      Hey buddy, you look great in your boots and jeans...I work in Boston, live in providence, would be cool to meet up sometime...Don

    2. jones4725


      Thanks! I'm in MD so a little far away from Boston, but if I'm that way I'll let you know!

  12. I'm able to walk short amounts of time in 6-inch heels. In my 5-inch heels on my boots I'm able to go for hours w/out a problem and walk easily.
  13. I'm with BootedUp on this one -- please do let us know how they are! They look great and I bet would be amazing to wear around.
  14. Five pairs for me -- all of the thigh high variety! Strongly considering adding a 6th pair -- Madonna from Jean Gaborit.
  15. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting to know folks better and learning more about the interests of the group in general. I'm a boot fanatic!
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