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  1. I didn't mean to hide the size, I was not comfortable enough to show the brand emblem because of how much I paid. Also the size is not shown on them but its size 42. Since I have nothing to hide here's the picture down below. Yeah, you can tell my floor already suffered but that was from when I bought a pair of Devious-Scream 01 pump a few years ago. For what I just received, I was told the tips were made of nylon and do not damage floor, but still thanks for pointing that out.
  2. Its a lot more stable then it looks and way more comfortable then a DOMINA-3000. The heel may seem very high but it is only 12.5 cm . As for pictures of me in them, I don't have anything nice to go with. Otherwise it is just me in shorts. I also want to avoid walking in them too much since I am still shopping for sole protector. I will try to come up with a picture.
  3. Well I was supposed to get them by march 2020 but Covid happened. Length wise I'm a size 11 but my problem is that most female sizes are not wide enough for my foot and it ends up looking odd even after breaking them in.
  4. Alright here I go. Well I'm 27 and working as a Pharmacy Technician, although where I live the requirements to become one and work as one are extremely low compared to what is required outside of my region. I'm not sure when my interest for high heels started but it could probably have been during high school because my english teacher in 4th and 5th grade was always in heels and I think it looked really nice on her, which lead to me being distracted in class instead of listening since I was a bit better then the other students when it came to speaking the language. I've bought heels from
  5. I ordered these in late december 2019, I recently got them.
  6. Hello, I've been reading this forum for quite awhile and even before I registered. For those wondering, I'm from Canada and english is not my first language since I mostly speak french. I don't have much to say but today is a very special day because I received my order. If you are wondering about what I ordered I will probably update my post or post on a certain topic where everyone uploads their new purchase. Also i am wearing them as I write this.
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