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  1. Hello, I just found on youtube this animated gay version of Cinderella....Cinderfella is wearing black pumps with is ball suit.. have a look
  2. maurice77

    Who has bought some new shoes

    I recently got a new pair of black patent pumps with a 6 inches heels......not sure yet when I'll wear it, but I couldn't resist :-)
  3. maurice77

    Girliest shoe you have

    red high heels are probably the sexiest!!!
  4. maurice77

    Nail Polish for Men makes the UK news.

    Just few days ago on the tube there was a guy wearing yellow nail polish...it would be great to see more of this.
  5. maurice77

    Wearing Boots In The Mall

    That would be such a great thing to try!!! I've never been out in my high boots....unfortunately I'm not brave enough :-(
  6. I just now viewed your photo gallery. The look you portray in your men's dress suits and stiletto high heels is the look I try to portray when I wear high heels in public. You have a very nice gallery and thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Hi maurice, how are you? Question, do you wear heels on the street too or just at home? I wore some heels in the past at the street but more men's shoes with heels but now I have become a bit more afraid to do this also because there is more violency on the street these days here in the netherlands. What about you?

  8. Just nhad a look at your album - great pics! very tastefully done and carried off with style

  9. Hi you photos are great. I love them. Very stylish. My compliments to you.

  10. Thank you for the friend request. The photos you posted are terrific. The patent leather thigh Boots are very nice and you wear them with "style"! Cheers, David & Cathy

  11. Hi, cool pose on your profile picture - heels goes well with the clothes too!

  12. I love your pictures!

  13. maurice77

    New photos

    nice photos :-)
  14. maurice77

    Italian TV Spot

    thanks for sharing! nice red shoes....

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