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  1. First of all... Thanks for nice comments from anyone... Then... Wow... Long time ago, but if I can remember: 1 - bought from German site: http://www.fuss-schuhe.de/high-heels-shop.html 2 - were the classic Pleaser USA shoes "Domina 108" none of them should be available anymore... bhl
  2. New pair of Designer Heels...: YSL Tribtoo pumps...
  3. Just a few seconds more from Season 3 - Episode 9...: [media=]http://youtu.be/3hbfpDOZIXI
  4. Some more CL... Could be put on the Designer heels forum, but as we have a thread here... Large view... And for the ones who like it, a close-up to better appreciate shoes & stockings...
  5. A way better than many videos on YT, here is the Piper Perabo's lesson in this sequence of Covert Affairs series Season 2 - Episode 16... In her beautiful Chtistian Louboutin 6" shoes... [media=]http://youtu.be/8JTWpHn7-GE No better way to understand how the hips should move...
  6. The "other" Eva... Probably in Giuseppe Zanotti
  7. Second pair of designer heels (getting older -> more money! ). And finally after a few years dreaming of it... So first pictures in her CHL Lady Peep brand new shoes...
  8. I'm nearly sure same kind of very high ones were worn by Anggun, the french candidate. Looks like at least 6" sandals. unfortunately we can see them only a little at the very end (Try 720p)...: [media=]
  9. Could be considered as advertisement because part of the Giuseppe Zanotti official youtube channel...:
  10. If we can take part of the game, even if those are not 7" but 6" "only". The new Giuseppe Zanotti collection is definitively one of the nicest available today. Beverly couldn't imagine walking in our streets on seven inches shoes, but those ones she can easily wear them on a weekly basis, for shopping, restaurant or others... :-) They are exactly 15cm high (5.9"), even 15.8cm (6.2") if you add the visible sole (slingbacks). Her highest shoes as of today; they made my day and for once make me appreciate platforms... Some more here: http://www.hhplace.org/your_favourite_high_heel_pictures/13504-beverlyheel_s_pictures-10.html#post307905
  11. Long time no post... I hope you'll like this comeback... First pair of famous Designer heels for Beverly... Those beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti Design peep-toes sling-backs sandals...
  12. Marion Cotillard, in the Lady Dior add making of: the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fD1YBDdPgg&HD=1 and the making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4kieQiLa64&hd=1
  13. Love the look - very sexy!

  14. Just between both! :-) They are CL Lady Peep "special model" and they are 150mm high...
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