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  1. London is easy going. But would you wear your heels at Heathrow Airport? FYI - I'll be in that are on July 12 with some time in the early afternoon. Sur some time for heeling
  2. Enribote

    NL/BE Meet

    from Belgium as well
  3. Hi everyone, Even though I don't like your answer, they are probably reasonable to follow. Merci à tous Thnaks to you all for coming back to me on this and same me probably a lot of troubles
  4. that means no heels while in connection in Dubai and no heels in Singapore? i was really hoping to spend a week in heels
  5. Why is it dangerous? because of islamic laws against LGBT?
  6. Hi every one, did any one of you ever travelled through Dubai in Heels? Would you recommend me to wear my heels in the Dubai Airport where I will wait for about 3 hours for my connection to Singapore? I'm just a bit afraid in such a radical hislamist country, even though I'm 100% hetero. Thanks for your comments
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