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    We've had this discussion many times before, a lot of us here prefer the fit of women's jeans. I personally haven't worn "men's" jeans for years, and I am not unusual, especially among smaller men in the Western world. As an aside, I do really like how I can buy clothes off the rack here in Vietnam, and even if they don't fit quite right, there is a tailor at every shop to fix fit issues.
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    Dont lie to her, just be yourself. If you like something, it doesnt just happen overnight.. If you seriously think that all of a sudden one day your going to just suddenly have a liking for something and pretend like its new from scratch, and that she will believe this then you are VERY much mistaken. THIS is exactly why guys have problems with wearing footwear, because YOU make it into something it isn't. Your making an issue out of it, thus it is then an issue. If you make something normal into an issue then those around you will naturally think "what the heck is wrong with this guy".. Just live it as it is. "Hey hun, I like heels.... Cool?" and move on... If she has questions, answer them, and roll with it... The second mistake SO many guys make is to dive in head first with the fetish/outrageous heels, and thus its naturally thought of as some kind of sexual fetish, thus the wife will just freak out, naturally, through lack of understanding and time (Too much too fast).. Just rock in one day with some decent guy looking chunky boots, something that most women might think "Hmmm, not bad actually", tell her you like em and leave it at that... Do not, under any circumstances lie or try to pretend or make stuff up... It will destroy your relationship, and if you put your footwear before your partner, your insane! Oh and you havent "Asked the moderators" anything... No PM's from you at all... Ever..
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    I wouldn't have thought so... But who knows!! I don't think this forum is a real life example of anything... Women don't need a forum to discuss their heels... They do it with their friends.
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    I just found a saks off 5th close by...may have to make a side trip by.
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    HotPinkHeels, Extrapolating such a conclusion based upon the active posters in this forum would be a mistake. We are heel enthusiasts so of course you're going to get a heavy dose of positive commentary on wearing heels or perhaps other "feminine" things. Reread what each poster has said and add up all those ingredients. Some say our forum world might indicate what you are saying but they are saying the reality outside the forum is different. Cali points out more apparent freedom to express oneself these days. When you couple people's changing attitudes on a range of topics with women occupying now just over half the work force in many countries and their mastery of more and more things dominated by males and one can see okay maybe the women will wear heels less and men will wear them more. But that's theory. The reality is this my friend; Women will always want to showcase their physical attributes and look their best whether they are dressed more masculinely or more femininely and they want the freedom to shop either side of the aisle. But they'll still expect a man to open the door for them. Some things are not about to change. Biologically speaking there is mounting evidence that testosterone levels in men over the Americas has dropped an average of 30% since 1987 and that IS news. My guess is the sum total of food additives, prescription drug interaction, and less participation in manual labour is the major cause of this. It is also true that there is a trend today for women expecting men to be more "understanding and compassionate" or otherwise more like women. Whether any man decides to wear heels or not does NOT decrease his actual testosterone levels or other measures of "manhood". Some here have said it takes serious nerve to wear heels as a man. Perhaps. But it is not a contest. It may however be battle within oneself as to what exactly one believes. It is not what someone knows about someone else which makes one afraid rather it is what one knows about oneself is what's truly scary. My guess is the future holds more promise than not as far as heel wearing by a man. The man just has to step out of the shadows the mind tends to build and engage with the world. Do whatever you might have planned but do it with confidence and the rest will work itself out. As for me, I have the advantage of being a biological man so if there's manual jobs to do I have the stamina and strength to do them like tomorrow I'll be taking down a tree so I'll be ankle deep in sawdust! But I also love heels and the women's side of the aisle. Just a different facet of the personality. No harm to anyone else and it's no contest. I hope this is helpful. HappyinHeels
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    My wife is a frequent customer of QVC and HSN as well as the Kohl's Dept. Store (headquartered right here in Wisconsin) getting mostly useful things for the house or for the family. Last Sunday I was at a beer can show and spent about $110 on my lifelong hobby. We don't have a problem with each other's spending habits as they are profligate. I think I was able to save money and retire early was that acted like I didn't have money. I do know some men who are on some sort of allowance. We are not like that. I suppose when my wife quits working then she slow down on her purchases. Besides, trying them on is free and the chance at interaction in a top end store could be priceless. HinH
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    Exactly. Heels are a design element on a pair of shoes or boots. Society and fashion has declared that higher and/or more shapely heels are feminine. That’s it. Nothing more. Wearing them does not in any way make you feminine (or gay as the alternate stereotype would have it)
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