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JustFab Shoes - They Are Here!



Hey gang, got my new shoes in that I ordered from JustFab! They came in last week but I have not had a lot of time to do a blog on them.

Anyway, here are some photos of the new shoes I received:

First heel is a classic pump with a ribbon tie ate the ankle. Heel height is 4.25". I think they look super cute and sexy. Cannot wait till the air is warmer outside so I can walk out in public in them!


The second heel is a lace bootie with lace up front and a zipper in back. Heel height is 4.5". Wore them out in public yesterday when the temps were in the fifties. Had to laugh at a couple guys that did a double take when I was at the post office! Think I freaked them out a bit, but hey, that is their issue. I love my heels!


I just love getting new heels, especially when I scored a great deal on them! Both of the above heels cost me $ 39.00 which in my eye is a huge bargin.

Well that's all for now! And as always, "keep strutting those heels!"

Bye - K2inheels


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They look great - enjoy them!!

I like the first pair a lot - as you say, very classic looking and that ribbon is a nice touch

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I agree about having to double-knot the ribbons, but I am not the best at tying them behind my ankles. Was thinking that if I could find a gold pin or something like that, I could keep the ribbon from coming loose.

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