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Found 2 results

  1. Do you ever just on a whim decide that it is time for a road trip? Well I do! And this road trip took me over to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to seek out a certain shoe store. That’s right, time to do some shopping again! If you have read my blog for any length of time you probable read the entry entitled, “Awesome Shoe Day.” Well if you haven’t, let me bring you up to speed. In that entry, I was talking about my visit to a local Shoe Show store near me and how I was happy to find had heels in my size (12’s). And during that visit the sales lady, Dana, was very helpful and offered up that the store in Ft. Wayne would have more shoes in my size, plus a larger selection. Well that is the reason for the road trip! After plugging in the address to the store into my phone, I got out on the road! I am so thankful for GPS on my phone as I had no idea of how to get around in Ft. Wayne! Of course I was wearing one of my fav high heeled boots as it is still winter around here! Took me just about two hours to drive to the store as I had to stop at a Kmart along the way. They always have sales and I needed to look at a few skirts and blouses. Side note here, but I had the sweetest older lady help me to find the items I was looking for. She didn’t bat an eye when I took the skirts and blouses into the fitting rooms to try them on. Arriving at the Shoe Show I could see that it was definitely larger than our local store. There was only one sales woman in the store so I asked her if they carried size 12 women’s shoes. She told me that they have a good selection in size 12 and pointed me in the right direction. And you know what? She was right! Most of the shoes I looked at has size 11 and 12 available. Now I was like a kid in a candy store…which shoe do I try first! After about a half hour or so, I finally figured out what I wanted. I had tried all of the shoes on (no not all the shoes in the store!) and had walked around the store, looking in the mirror to make sure I looked good in them and making sure they fit me well. So gathering up three shoe boxes I went up front to pay for them. I always find the neatest people when I am out in heels. Keri my sales woman was no different. We struck up a conversation while we were at the counter talking about heels, experiences she’s had herself and what she has seen in the store. We must have talked for half an hour and it was so fun. As I was paying her I told her that I would mention her and her store in my blog which she thought was great. So guys and gals if you are ever in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and want to shop for some shoes, stop by the Shoe Show store and ask for Keri, tell her Kevin sent ya! She will make you feel at home and will make your shopping experience great. Oh, right, you probably want to see what I bought! I will just put a few pics in this blog, you can see all the pics I uploaded in the gallery.
  2. I love days when I can find something special in terms of my heels! And today was one great day when I stumbled upon a local shoe store called, Shoe Show. Now I had been to their website a number of times and found one, that they had size 12 heels and, two, the have some sweet heels to choose from. But I had been by their store before and since it was a small store I did not think they would have anything there in my size and style. Boy was I wrong! Today when I drove by I thought that I would just pop in to see what they had, sort of like a spontaneous impulse. When I went in I was greated by a sweet young woman who was happy to answer my questions as to do they carry size 12 in women's shoes there and could I order shoes in my size and have them shipped to the store. Dana said they had some size 12's, but not a lot and that yes, I could order the shoes in my size. So I walked over to the women's section as she had to tend to another customer. Saw some heels that I would love to own but they were not in my size. The, OMG, I saw a pair of 4" high heeled ankle boots in my size! In short order I had the box opened, my heeled boots off and trying them on! Breathing a sigh of relief that they fit me so well and had the style I love in boots, I wondered why had I not stopped in this store before. Just then Dana came by to see how I was doing and when she saw me trying the boots on, she was a bit surprised and said that she did not know they were for me. Had to laugh about that and then we talked about what I like in heels and we had a great conversation in the store about heels, wearing them and how she thought that men should be able to wear heels if they wanted to. She also went through the heeled shoes they had there in my size and pulled those that she thought I might like. So yes, I bought a couple pairs today. I admit it, I cannot turn down sexy heels especially if I do not have the style and/or they are priced well. Dana was an awesome help and an encouragement. Hope she stays there for a long time. Nice to find someone that loves heels, can relate to others that want to wear heels and are helpful in finding what I am looking for. Hope that you all can find a store like this where you are made to feel comfortable and accepted. I am posting photos of what I bought today below. Like always, keep strutting those heels!
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