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New Boots for Winter




Went  out and bought a couple new pairs of ankle boots for winter. Both of them have 3.5" block heels which will help with walking in the snow. The brown pair are from Payless Shoes and the black pair are from Wal-Mart. Did not spend a lot on them as they will be my winter boots and I know that they will get beat up a little with the weather around here. I think I paid around $ 60.00 for both of them. And they both fit my feet well and are well built. Have treated both shoes with leather and heal protector to help them endure the snow and slush we have around here.

So here are my new boots...


Black_Boots_3 Inch1.jpg

Black_Boots_3 Inch2.jpg

Black_Boots_3 Inch3.jpg

Brown_Boots_3 Inch2.jpg

Brown_Boots_3 Inch3.jpg

Brown_Boots3 Inch5.jpg

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Great pairs of boots. Mind the brown pair look better suited to being outdoors in slush and ice. Your black pair look a wee bit too delicate to be out and about in snow. Still a mighty fine pair nonetheless, I bet they feel great to wear they certainly look fab.

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They do feel great on my feet. And I have worn the black boots in the snow. All my boots have been treated to keep the water and snow from damaging them. And thanks for the compliment! 

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