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Am I Gay Cause I Wear Heels?



Today I want to address the question I get asked a lot about wearing heels as a man. That question is,  "Are you gay?" Now I know I am going to be stepping on some toes out there when I answer the question.  But I am not gay,  not in the slightest. I do not wear my heels for any sexual reason.  I wear my heels because I like wearing them.  

Along with not being gay,  I also do not crossdress. I am way to butt ugly to ever think I could pull off looking like a woman. For those of you that do,  I commend you for having the confidence to do that. I wear heels for three reasons,  they are:

  1. They make me feel good
  2. I like the way they look on me
  3. And they make me feel confident

So do not be shy to wear heels in public,  own your right to wear heels.  Wear them proudly and don't ever let someone tell you that you must be gay cause you are wearing heels,  heels do not make you gay,  they only make you look good! 

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Good for you buddy, we need to break down society's stupid stereotypes.  I truly feel most guys have a thing for heels, there just aren't many that have the guts to explore and enjoy heels...I feel it takes a strong/confident guy to wear the heels he likes publicly, regardless of reactions.....

Keep in mind, folks that bark the loudest are usually the most "heels frustrated" for sure...

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It all depends who is labeling you as such. We all know it's ignorance from ridiculous beliefs. Often the word gay is meant to sound to demean or lash out at someone for many reasons and disrespecting with prejudice  a minority in society. Little do these people who label or ask the question know what they are doing. 

My belief is when people label is a way to put these fears to rest.  Of the unknown or peculiar style of  footwear is bringing people to understand why? 

Enjoy overhearing voiced opinions about my style from particular people.  Now i just get labeled as WEIRD. Find it amusing only because of my unusual style for my gender. Sometimes it just makes me laugh at seriousness females in particular study my style. Then conclude he is wearing woman such and such... Just get a kick out of there conclusions, thinking to myself, SO WHAT! WHAT's THE F#** Harm am i doing? If it's funny to them so be it. Yet i just see a confused stare or salty expression or the word WEIRD voiced. 

Ask myself do i wear it better then them? If the answer is easily YES then smile or smirk  often is expressed by me never caring what they say or think. Supporting a stereotype any way to get my attention, by putting labels on me are rejected. The World is a big place with a lot of diverse people why waste time on some complainers or dimwit that can't mind their business or taunt to get a bark from me, while i ignore them as they don't exist. Living my life with my rules not some societies norms that they need to keep.

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