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Heel Comfort - Can it be Had?



Let’s see, are heels comfortable? Yes and no, but let me explain that. It all depends on the fit of the heels, your body and how you walk in them.

First let’s look at the fit. You need to have shoes that feet your feet. If you have a small foot you will have issues trying to walk in very high heels such as 4″ plus heels. Now I wear size 12 heels so I have it easier when wearing those very high heels. Then you have to make sure that the shoe fits your foot well.

Looking at the illustration below, there are a couple things to look at. A few things to look at are:

  1. Where the heel is placed. The heel center line should line up with the center point of your own heel. If it sits too far back or forward it will affect the stability of the shoe.
  2. The amount of padding in the insole. If there is little padding, the shoe will not be comfortable. But this can be fixed by adding a gel insole into the shoe. But that will also change the amount of foot space in the shoe which might not seem like a lot, but in a tight shoe it could make a big difference.
  3. The stiffness of the sole. A sole that is made out of rubber or leather will absorb the variations on the surface you are walking on better than soles made out of plastic, wood, etc.
  4. How thick is the heel. A thicker heel will make for a more stable platform. The heels on most of my heels at slender, stilletos. But on my winter boots I will wear a thicker heel due to poor surface conditions like wet surface, snow, etc. I will have a better balance with the thicker heel.
  5. How secure is the heel. The heel of your high heel shoes should not be slipping up and down off your heel. Your shoe should feel like part of your foot so if it is sliding up and down, you will be less stable when walking. If need be, buy heels that have straps to hold your feet in the shoe. All my shoes are of that style, though I do have one pair of pumps that are well fitted to my foot and have little sloppiness in them.

Okay, let’s look at your body. I know, I know it is a touchy subject with many people, so I will try to be sensitive. To help illustrate this I am going to use my time riding a road bike. When I started to ride years ago, I could only go a few miles at best and not very fast. It took time for my muscles to develope, to gain aerobic capacity and to develope a smooth riding style. Then after about a years time, I was crusing right along riding distances of 50–100 miles at a good clip. The point is, if you are not in great shape, you will need to work on developing your muscles in your legs, your feet and hips.

Also, if you are blessed in the weight department, I would higly recommend wearing thicker heels at the start. Will help immensely with your walking in the heels. And if it is possible and on your wish list, get out and excercise so that you will be better able to live life to the fullest.

Last thing, learn to walk in heels! Please! I see way to many women and a number of men that must have the belief that walking in heels in like walking in flats. Not! So please, learn to walk in heels and then practice, practice, practice! I do not want to see you clomping down the road or wobbling down the street in heels. Guys, girls…that is not pretty.

So here is a few YouTube videos that should help you to see how to walk in heels. I would also suggest that you watch women on the street that are wearing heels to see how they can walk gracefully.

Okay, that’s all for now! Wishing you all happy high heels and may the road be smooth for you!


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