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  1. XtremeHeels, What brand are those black patent platform pumps? They look great!
  2. Re: wearing heels at work, be VERY careful as often there are cameras recording everything.
  3. curiousheels, FYI, if you know your size, you should be able to find them a lot cheaper on Ebay.
  4. Congratulations!!
  5. The good/bad news is that we keep buying shoes as part of the hunt!!
  6. Umm

    ICK! Definitely not my style.
  7. And in the states....
  8. A picture would help.
  9. I would definitely be interested. What Saturday of the month is it likely to be?
  10. Unfortunately, that's just what he did!
  11. Nice! Still a bit pricy for my taste. What brand are they?
  12. If you do a search on quieting heels, (hopefully), you should stumble upon a thread from years back on quieting noisy block heels. Some have said it's easier to wear heels in crowds. The noise is drowned out and it's too packed for anyone to look down.
  13. Danvan 1600, One thing that I haven't see, and may have missed, is how to hide these shoes. I've found that a pair of boot cut jeans about 4" longer than your regular inseam length will hide most heels, up to 4 or 5 inches. If the pants are too long and you end up stepping on them, just fold them up. They should hide just about the whole shoe when you walk and make all of the round and square toe shoes look and seem manly. it will even hide many of the pointy toe pumps. That is unless it's a long pointy toe.
  14. Newkid, Heels are going to be less comfortable than flats/low heels. You are changing the posture of the body and, in many cases, drastically adding to the pressure on the balls of your feet. That being said, like shoe sizing, comfort is a very complex variable that is dependent on the shoe construction and design, style, brand, cost, sizing, and you (weight and posture) among other things. Many here have written about having 4" heels that were very comfortable and 3" heels that they could barely war for an hour. vector
  15. Hmmmm. Maybe they wished they had the "cohones" to do that in public!