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Projects, What Ya Working On?

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Some pretty cool project y'all have going on here.


The number one, all consuming, project that I am working on right now.  Raising my toddler.


The next project that I say I'm working on is putting together a small manufacturing business operating system that I can sell.  In my previous job, though I had no database experience at all, I was charged with make our operating system.  Over the course of a year I put together a pretty darn good operating system in FileMaker Pro.  It was however a continuing experiment that slowly gained all of the functionally that we needed.  Because of that and because I started off without a clue as to what I was doing the behind the scenes stuff is a pretty messy hodge lodge of code and variables and stuff that doesn't even apply to the final system.  Though I have made very little head way reproducing a "clean" version of the database I would consider that my non-parenting project.  If this database were available when we were looking our company would have paid a couple grand for it.  I think there is a chance that I could sell a copy here and there for a couple hundred bucks.  We'll see.


The project that I wish I had but don't because I don't have the cash, time, or space would be home cockpit building.  My dream was always to fly big airplanes.  When my vision tanked in my early twenties the dream tanked with it.  I have, however, logged an hour and a half in a full motion sim and it was awesome.  To have a fixed base sim at home would be my next dream.  There are actually a good handful of people out there who do this already and even a company or two that cater to these folks.  See: http://www.flightdecksolutions.com.




Life is short...  Wear the bleeping shoes!

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Nice planes what scale are they going to be and are you building from scratch? My favourite is the De Haviland Mosiquto (not sure on the spelling) Fastest plane in the world at one time.

life is not a rehearsal

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