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  1. Last year I went as Satan. A black suit, black shirt and tie, horns tied in my shoulder length hair, black eye shadow and nail polish, and my black knee high boots with a 3 inch heel. The suit pants covered the boots but the heels were exposed. I took a walk thru town and was mostly ignored but I also got several compliments.
  2. I'm a guitar guy. I have several including 3 electrics(Fender Strat, Les Paul. and an Ibenez) 3 acoustics (Washburn 6 string, Ovation 12 string, and a National Resonator) My current project is a Luna Banjolele I just bought yesterday.
  3. While attending a wedding I noticed a woman wearing a very ornate pair of heels. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Later, at the reception, I had to ask her about the shoes. She said they were Vegas showgirl heels she bought on Ebay.
  4. Last Halloween, at work, I wore a black man's 3 piece suit, a black shirt and tie, devil's horns and 3 1/2 heeled black boots which were barely visible under the slacks. Very discrete, but still there for all to see.
  5. Heelster, maybe you should join in one of the many Breast Cancer walks wearing that outfit!
  6. Last Halloween I wore a black 3 piece suit and devil horns. I also wore my 3 inch black patent heels.
  7. I did one walk where they made up certificates like Most Stylish, Highest Heel, etc. I made it a lot more fun. BTW, I won Most Graceful. On my first walk I had to practice so I would go out after dark and walk a few blocks in the neighborhood. I asked the wife to join me, asked her for advice and tips. After the walk I told her the shoes were comfortable and kept them on for the drive home. I've since been in many of these walks and my wife walks with me and accepts the fact that I like wearing heels.
  8. I posted some photos on FB of my legs in a kilt and heels from a Walk A Mile event. I had several comments saying my legs looked good or "wish my legs looked as good".
  9. Maybe if you know someone else that's going to do the walk you can say you're doing it to support them. Most of these walks will supply shoes. If you can get her to join you, let her help you select the shoes. BTW, she can walk along with you.
  10. I've been working at a small jewelry/vintage clothing boutique part-time. She also sells consignment. I've had a lot of crossdressers and transvestites come in buying clothes so I decided to get rid of a lot of heels that I don't wear any longer. All size 12-13. I'm guessing they'll sell pretty easy. Maybe $10-20.00 a pair?
  11. When I was practicing for my first Walk A Mile event my wife and I would go out at dusk and walk around the neighborhood. Me in 4 inch gold heels and her in sneakers. No one ever said anything but I know I was spotted more than once. I'm sure the car headlights reflected off of those gold shoes!
  12. wetwillie

    Red Heels

    Red is the "official" color for the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes events. I bought a pair of red patents from Payless. Recently my daughter found a pair of red suede platform pumps at a thrift store and bought them for me.
  13. My oldest daughter, a married woman with children of her own, called from the thrift store and asked what size women's shoes I wore. She bought me a pair of red suede platform pumps, size 12. In all fairness, she thinks I only wear them for charity walks.
  14. This the email I got from Gracehaven. The link to register doesn't work. I emailed gracehaven directly but got no response. Walk-A-Mile-In-Her-Shoes It is time again for us to build awareness around a serious issue with our fun, signature event: Walk-A-Mile. As in years past, men, women and children will strap on high heels and walk exactly one mile. Of course, the heels are optional (bring your own or we'll provide) so that everyone can participate, but we really encourage you to "walk the walk!" Three Dates - Three Venues As we continue to grow our Outreach to local kids and our Residential Program awaits licensure, we decided to make this year bigger than ever by offering three different dates and venues. Mother's Day Walk - Saturday, May 10th @ Grace Polaris Church What better way to celebrate mom than by raising awareness for the well-being of Central Ohio children? Special silent auction items just for mom! Father's Day Walk - Saturday, June 14th @ Glacier Ridge Metro Park Dads, bring the whole family for a great outdoor walk and express your care for the sons and daughters who are victimized throughout our area. Back-to-School Walk - Saturday, September 20th @ Wolfe Park Students, start the new school year off right by making a stand (or taking a walk) for the most critical human rights issue of our day. All walks begin at 9 AM, registration at 8 AM Team Up - Sponsor - Sign Up We've made participation easier than ever! We have reduced our fees to involve as many people as possible (we'd love to have 1,500 walkers this year!) Adults - $25 Students/Children - $10 Teams (5 walkers or more) - $75 or $15/person We also have opportunities for sponsorships and donations. Contact us at walkamile@gracehaven.me. Registration is Now Open for the May and June Walks - Click Here
  15. I've been trying to register for a walk on Father's Day in Columbus, Ohio. This is to benefit Gracehaven in Dublin, Ohio. Can anyone tell me how to get registered?
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