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Stopping by and unable to leave

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Hello Once Again, Everyone: Many of you know me; many of you are newer to the forums and I greet all of you as the old and new friends you are to me... I have been "around here" for almost as long as the forum has been "around here" (lol) and I have had plenty to say about a range of topics as many of you will recall-fondly and perhaps, not so fondly...for those who might like to read a few of my contributions just search "jspikeheels' for a summary of my postings and threads... ...many of you who have been here a while realize what an investment in time and energy it can take to listen, reflect and comment on the many topics that affect us all...and, you know, that it can be doubly difficult to catch up when you've been away for a while...that's been my dilemma but I am back with you and trying to catch up on a few of the threads that are closest to me and eager to share with you my adventures and developments... ..be seeing you all... Jim/JSpikeheels

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