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  1. I will be out of commission for heeling for a while. The critics kept telling me about my bowed legs., so I did something about it 


  2. Dude - - If you ever hear I'm coming to a location near you, we need to meet.

    1. Heelster


      In that direction, I get into St. Joseph / Benton Harbor, and I can see some possible work in the Indian Harbor / Burns Harbor / Gary Works mills in the future. I also get into the Fort Wayne area too.

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  3. elk4712

    Just saw Pantera's name on your site. There is talk of someone's death. Has Pantera died ,or is that her talking of

    another persons demise.   spikesmike

    1. Heelster


      Nope - - Pantera has passed on


  4. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere who believe in long range forecasts :-)


    1. Heelster


      Just doesn't seem right to be combing out your heels after an outing - - - 

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