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  1. Heelster

    Cali World

    In my part of the sticks, we have a joke - - What does a West Virginia Divorce and a Tornado have in common - - Someone is gonna lose a trailer !!
  2. Heelster

    Cali World

    Yep - we get rain all summer. Once it gets hot and muggy, a thunderstorm is likely. Usually hits about the time you get out of work, and your riding a Motorcycle.
  3. Yep - - It's flying off the shelves. Firearm purchases are way up too.
  4. Yes - - and they have sprayers too. The guys drive the sprayer to the field, and then sit in them while they spray the fields.
  5. Do some research on GM's EV1 project. One of the reasons they eliminated the car was because their was no service business, and dealerships rely on the service department.
  6. Somewhere along the line, you still have to apply the technology to the physical - - - - and that's where I'm at. If your going to apply technology to farming, you still need someone on a tractor. If your going to make something, someone still needs to be there to take the technology to actually produce the component. I'm a technology user and have to apply it to the physical, and sometimes it drives me nuts. Where technology fails - - ?? Ever try to change your car head light bulb and wonder who the hell designed this monstrocity? Yep - an engineer who never worked on a car. I see it all the time. Engineers who design stuff that can't be made. People who come up with great ideas and wonder why the people who have to do it tell them it's the stupidest thing they've ever seen. Every now and then, I get to weild my digital 2 x 4, reach around the world, and smack somebody's avatar upside the head.
  7. Yep - - Bullets will carry way more value than Crypto. Sign at a book store - - "" Post Apocalyptic / Dystopian has been moved to Current Events. ""
  8. I may not have liked the style mix of one guy - - It's not for me. Victor - - OK my legs ain't that hairy, but he has a ways to go to get to my beard (especially with the lockdowns), and my hair is getting really shaggy. I look like I'm more Viking than Santa Clause. May even look into beard beeds soon since I now have to wear masks to work. 'That' would freak out the locals, but not nearly as bad as my walking in town in high heels. In my real world, I don't expect to see men wearing high heels as being commonplace - - Not gonna happen in my lifetime. Victor is pretty well dress compaired to the examples of male fashion I get to see, and I've seen some really bad fashions lately. Imagine a 50ish guy with a Rumpstilskin beard, bandana, Threadbare pajama pants, crocks and a t-shirt that looks like it should have been a paint rag - - and he's wallking around the grocery store - - That's the new norm for me lately, and that makes me look real good in a pair of JS booties and flaired jeans overtop. My point I guess is this. We may not like something specific in another persons styles, but in both cases, they at least tried to present themselves in a manor that indicated they al least cared about what they wore and how they presented themselves. That's something I don't see much of except for some in the business world.
  9. yep = = = and a shirt to cover everything else !!
  10. Actually, I do have a Jim Beam (partial) that is 50+ years old, and yes, it does age well !!
  11. Evan Williams and Jim Beam are like family !!
  12. Well - - Nice outfit - - - Not good for anyplace I can get too VFW, American Legion, The Elks - - - - Yep - - Out in the stick !! And now we are under lockdown - - - - The bar of George Thorogood.
  13. Heelster

    Cali World

    ""I can walk into a crowded store, pick up a heel I want to try on and just show it to the sale associate on the other side of the room and she will go get it (in my size) without a word spoken while other customers are waiting to get served."" I haven't seen a store like that in years !!
  14. Work Boots, Work style Boots. one pair mens western boots - - oh and other work boots.
  15. Oh man - - would I like those !!
  16. I can relate to all of the above. Heels at work are a no-go. Wife isn't thrilled with my heels around the house, but she ignores it. I can get away with some pretty tall chunky heeled boots with jeans over when we head out as long as we are not around hers or my co-workers. Business trips seem to getting to be few lately. I have a few years to retirement, but I;m not sure this will be an advantage. Not sure what the future brings - - - -
  17. Done did - - but I'm not 60 yet - - - but close !!
  18. Interesting idea - - but I'm gonna watch from the sideline and not get involved in planning etc. I'll see where the location is and go from there. Whenever I plan that far ahead, my schedule changes 10 minutes ago. 24 hours from now I could be in your neck of the woods - -
  19. Welcome to Columbus - - a nice place to shop for heels too!!
  20. - - In keeping it off track, I don't worry too much about the rain - - It's the snow, mud, and all the other "crap" you run accross out here in the sticks. When you walk out of the local grocery store and have to walk between the Amish Buggies to get to your car - -- - Need I say more !!
  21. kinda like the Crunch pair - -
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