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  1. Thanks for the like on my pic, you still wear your 7inch heel cowboy boots?


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    2. hhcboy63


      They are black. Well they used to be what I’d call silver so I stripped the finish and restained them black. I’ve had the same problem with Miguel’s instep. I bought an instep stretcher which helped a lot but it wasn’t cheap. I couldn’t wear my 6-inch boots for weeks while stretching the instep. 

      What color are your boots going to be?  You’ll have to send pictures. 

    3. 70splats


      Man, I should have tried that! lol well they are going make my soles thicker like 3inches with the heels still at 7inches. Bet them looking black looks very cool!


      Wish I knew if you were selling your 7inchers I would have bought them from you.

    4. hhcboy63


      I like them!  Although I’m feeling the desire to order another pair before long. I love his new 5-inch extreme underslung ones. I can’t seem to get them underslung enough for me!  To get really extreme underslung you have to have a lower heel which I don’t want. Oh the problems we have. LOL

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